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  1. i buy license from my friend pcstore and i dont know i got a blacklisted license when i enter the code, the license cannot use right now, so i buy a new one from the official store, but the blacklisted one still in my MyKaspersky, can i remove that blacklisted licensed ? If just leave it can be a problem ? Cause i cant find delete licensed.
  2. i upgrade KIS 2016 into KIS 2017 i think, idk why cant use the key instead, nvm i stick with 2016 KIS and fix the problem
  3. Hy Guys i want ask, i do fresh install because i got some trouble with my Notebook, when i install KIS 2016 (Because i use 2016) before and there's popup said new update around 180+mb suddenly its upgrade into KIS 2017, but when i put my 2016 Activation Code, its said "Kaspersky activation code not suitable for this application" so what should i do there ? cant use my license anymore remaining 150 days+ i think
  4. Hi @rudger79 Yeah what i mean not the toolbar from firefox top right corner, you can see the red circle in the picture i post, i mean its the firefox addon "Kaspersky Protection Icon" Hi @MoxieMomma So any solution about this ? We must do clean / reinstall the Kaspersky ? Or maybe we can just clean / reinstall the Firefox instead ? Regards sle3pingz
  5. Hi Guys, i want ask about weird question or maybe not to important but still curious, after today new update my at my Kaspersky Application, and install the new addon Called "Kaspersky Protection 4.6.3-7" then i try see at Firefox i see the "Kaspersky Protection 4.6.3-7" is Enable but i cant see the "Kaspersky Protection 4.6.3-7" Addon Icon, usually Kaspersky addon have icon like "K" Mark isnt? but its blank here, and i thought the Addon protection maybe error or corrupted, i try with EICAR but still block the EICAR Test Files for me, so the Addon its do his job and will protect me from Virus isnt ? but still cant see the Addon Icon, its something wrong with that ? Here's the Pic : Thanks
  6. lookslike no problem now, maybe it's temporary because just reinstall the Kaspersky, Thanks Rich ~
  7. umm, what do you mean by "select the current entry > right-middle > click Details > Save icon at upper right >" , i can't find those ~
  8. here richbuff. the update always said cancel by user, i never cancel any update ~ sigh , and still update everytime i see the kaspersky icon ~ here's the report from update (report.txt) and here's the GetSystemInfo GetSystemInfo report.txt
  9. the weird thing is, this only happened if i gaming full screen and alt tab always see the update again and again ~
  10. Good Day Sir, i want ask something, why my Kaspersky always update every minute, and only update 1kb or 2kb+, and said no update available, so i just need ignore it or what should i do ? kinda annoying, cause some lag when gaming when update sometime ~ :dash1: :dash1:
  11. Nevermind richbuff, lookslike it's realtek problem, i already try closed kaspersky first, but if RAVCPL64.exe still running, it will slow ~ sigh, idk what should i do, it's not KIS fault ~ Thanks
  12. Greetings, i want ask something, i just install / update my sound driver Realtek, after that when i everytime try to restart or shutdown, always there's forced restart or not, there's no problem when i didn't update driver yet, but when i try Exit the Kaspersky then restart, it's smooth ~ so what should i do ? try for reinstall the KIS 2015, if can give me some solution, Thanks
  13. Ok Thanks, i want test but just afraid even said it's harmless , hahaha, but it's really appear notification like the pic when i try download something, and fail download after that warning appear ~ i try for Quick and Full Scan, it's No Threats Detected
  14. kinda like this, here i post the pic, lookslike i already clear the report, so i search some example same with mine at google, here's the pic :
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