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  1. Thanks for your replies. Our incident number: INC000002697383 I don't think the first article applies to us as KAV8.0 is a fresh install, no upgrade from 6.0. I tried creating a Trace file when the script is called by hMailserver but nothing is been logged. I'm sure the script is running though as I'm logging the error level to a file. As soon as I test the script from normal command line all is working fine again and a trace is created: 09:44:52.357 484 d78 info [logger] start on '01/31/14 09:44:52 GMT +01:00' pid='1156' 09:44:52.357 484 d78 fatal [prague] avs AVS has been started 09:44:52.357 484 808 fatal [prague] avs Initializing threats info 09:44:55.399 484 d78 fatal [prague] avs Locked engines (mask 0x00000004) for 09:44:55.399 484 d78 fatal [prague] avs Locked engines (mask 0x00000004) for 09:44:55.461 484 1038 fatal [prague] avs AVSSession closing, engines unlocked by 09:45:21.389 484 1038 info [logger] end on '01/31/14 09:45:21 GMT +01:00'
  2. Hello, I'm trying to use KAV8.0 as an external AV scanner in hMailserver. This application depends on defined return codes so I created the following batch script: @echo off KAVSHELL.exe SCAN %1 /W:C:\kav\kav.log /ET:300 if errorlevel 0 goto novirus if errorlevel -80 goto somethingbad :novirus echo Success! exit /b 10 :somethingbad echo Virus! exit /b 13 This script seems to work fine when testing in a normal cmd window with eicar file. But as soon as it is triggered by hMailserver, kavshell does not seem to work and always returns code 9009. Unfortunately I couldn't find return code 9009 in the Admin guide. Does anyone know what this means? The hMailserver debug window shows how it is calling the script and this seems to be ok: "DEBUG" 1488 "2014-01-30 13:55:06.078" "Scanner: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 For Windows Servers Enterprise Edition\mailScan.bat "C:\Program Files (x86)\hMailServer\Data\{A622D81C-0093-4AB8-A810-EE45668F9E20}.eml"
  3. The Vulnerability Assessment would be handy if it would just nicely report to KSC without notifying the end user about possible vulnerabilities. But since this seems not possible at the moment, we disabled the function. We also don't actually use patch management as we use SCCM for all OS and software installation/updating. But maybe in very small companies this can be useful. So for us these kind of extra functions are a nice-to-have but a reliable AV product is much much more important.
  4. Sorry but for some environments in-place upgrade is a must. We only use laptop endpoints and our users move in/out at lot. I can't risk uninstalling the AV and then have users leaving for a few days just before the install task kicks in.
  5. I see this issue with the Web Control function that is malfunctioning on some of our endpoints. Is this the same bug as the malfunctioning Web anti-virus?
  6. KES10 is a nice product, if it works. Unfortunately we're also having issues with stability/management making the product require very high maintenance. We're now using it for 1.5 years, started with v8 and migrated to v10 about half a year ago. We're still having a license for another 1.5 years which I don't think we'll extend unless the product improves a lot.
  7. Thanks, glad this is already known. Looking forward to a fix.
  8. (a, and (a,b,c,d). We only have laptops in our company. Fresh install is very hard to do. Can't take the risk of deploying an uninstall task. Big chance of people leaving the network during or after this task.
  9. We upgraded our clients to KES 10 and are now seeing the following message random appearing on some laptops. Looks like a bug to me. Anyone else having this problem? (Sorry for bad quality)
  10. In our office we use .net ClickOnce applications to easily deploy & update home-made apps to our users without admin rights. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClickOnce) Unfortunately since KES10, the installation and update of ClickOnce applications has been blocked. I'm not really sure what needs to be whitelisted since ClickOnce is part of the .net framework and it installs the software under a random named folder in the users appdata. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. The post-installation pop-up posted a few post back is not the one I'm seeing. This thread is about a 'Initial Configuration Wizard' which is shown at first reboot after installation of KES10. So i guess it must be two different issues. FYI my ticket was closed with the following work-around: uninstall KES8 before running KES10 installation.
  12. Thanks for the response Alexander. If this is the only solution, I rather just warn the people that they will receive a pop-up on the next reboot and have to finish the setup. With all the trouble patch B and C seem to cause, I rather do it this way without upgrading our KES8 clients.
  13. Our case number: INC000001303583 I'm not seeing a parameter in the setup.ini which modifies the initial wizard behavior. Or does the presence of the file suppress the wizard?
  14. So, anyone found a solution yet? It's the one thing holding us back deploying KES10 company-wide. I have a case open with K support. As soon as something useful comes up, i'll report back.
  15. Having this 'problem' as well. Just to be sure: Do we need to grab a config file from a client who already ran the initial wizard and add it to the install package? (http://support.kaspersky.com/7275) Can't remember that you had to do this in version 8.
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