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  1. Security Center Task

    I unchecked the Option with the same results. I then created a NEW Installation Package, Created a New Task, ran against 50 Devices with the same results. Interesting note: The devices that disappeard, were removed from the Security Center totally. I went to a few of them and the Agent was Stopped. I manually Started the Service, they appeard in the Unassigned Devices. I moved them back to the Main Group and they appear healthy but still on an OLD Agent. For Log file please reference the Open Support Ticket. David
  2. Security Center Task

    I added a Video to the Support Ticket that is of me assigning 21 Devices to a Task, then watching the progress and seeing the device count drop during the Task being processed. Very weird indeed. dkamp
  3. Security Center Task

    I am sorry, I am not explaining myself correctly. The Task has no devices after it has completed. Example: I run a task with multiple devices, when the task is finished the task is empty. No devices. are you asking for a screen shot of the devices that do not exist? I have also been working with Support reference case INC000008501008 Trace files have been submitted. David
  4. Security Center Task

    I select the devices at the Managed Devices group. I do this so I can see and select devices that are not at the 10.4.343 version yet. Yes they are all powered on. David
  5. Security Center Task

    The PC's are in my Workstation Group. They do not disappear from this group, only from the task. David
  6. Security Center Task

    The Device List actually is emptied. Example: I assign 30 devices to get the Agent Upgrade. An hour later I look at the Task. It is empty and appears to have NEVER been set to run. No Devices, No Failures. The device list is empty. This is why I was hoping for another log that may show what happened. Keep in mind that "IF" I go to one of the devices that was in the Task, the log on that device shows the install tried to run but failed. David
  7. Security Center Task

    I attempted to explain that when machines are assigned the task, they simply start disappearing. eventually Only the Completed devices remain. All others are Gone, and no longer exist. I am attach a screen shot of the results to upgrade the agent on 30 devices. Is there a log written to the Security Center Server that can be looked at? David
  8. Security Center Task

    I have attached the Task as requested. There are no results because after a few hours the Task is Clean and does not contain ANY Devices. Its Cleans itself as devices fail. I can replicate this at any time. Or almost Everytime I run the update task on more than one device. David AgentUpdateTask.klt
  9. On Security Center 10.4.343 when I attempt to Run tasks to Upgrade Workstations to Agent version 10.4.343 All seems OK then when I look at the task most if not all machines are not there. Example: I select 20 Workstations with Agent 10.2.434 Right Click select "Run a Task" then select an Agent Upgrade Task, it navigates to the Tasks displays the Task, I see all 20 machines, the task status begins, then after a while it may show 2 Completed, 1 Pending. What happened to the other 17 machines? sometimes the next day the completed will more but the machine count does not show the original 20 machines. Where can I start looking to find why the missing devices disappear? The Task errors and View Results do not show the missing devices. Please teach me!
  10. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    So for a MAC the turn on time and also the Status ("Virus Scan has not been performed for a long time" or Protection is off) is normal ? All the MAC's have had this issue since version 8.
  11. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    I am attaching the trace logs from a MAC that you requested. I hope it helps, and will wait for instructions. klnagent_trace.zip
  12. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    Dimetry I responded to your PM and attached the result files. Our Security Center is version 10.4.343 The MAC Plugin is, and I modified the Installation Package for the Agent properties to for the Connection Server address to NOT be a DNS Name but to use an IP Address. I then reinstalled the agent (This didn't help). I will install patch B and check the results David
  13. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    I got to a Command Prompt, ran "Sudo su", changed to the klnagent folder. I can see the klnagchk with the "ls" command. but when I run the klnagchk it replies back with file not found. I'n not a Linux guy so do not know what else to do since the file will not run via the File Explore screen either.
  14. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    I will work with the end user on a MAC to get that. But the date has NEVER been newer than 1/6/1970 on Any MAC we have.
  15. Our MacBook's with Agent and KES always seem to have difficulties. They always show in the Security Center that the Turn-on time is 12/31/1969 or 1/6/70 Both dates are Way before the device was manufactured. The MAC OS is 10.11.6 some are 10.11.4 The KES 10 frequently shows as inactive. I have not found a pattern when/why. The same issue existed in previous versions as well. I did confirm that this did NOT exist "/Library/Application\ Support/Kaspersky\ Lab/klnagent_conf/connectors.d/wks8.conf’" Our Security Center is version 10.4.343 The MAC Plugin is, and Where should I start looking? David