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  1. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    So for a MAC the turn on time and also the Status ("Virus Scan has not been performed for a long time" or Protection is off) is normal ? All the MAC's have had this issue since version 8.
  2. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    I am attaching the trace logs from a MAC that you requested. I hope it helps, and will wait for instructions. klnagent_trace.zip
  3. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    Dimetry I responded to your PM and attached the result files. Our Security Center is version 10.4.343 The MAC Plugin is, and I modified the Installation Package for the Agent properties to for the Connection Server address to NOT be a DNS Name but to use an IP Address. I then reinstalled the agent (This didn't help). I will install patch B and check the results David
  4. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    I got to a Command Prompt, ran "Sudo su", changed to the klnagent folder. I can see the klnagchk with the "ls" command. but when I run the klnagchk it replies back with file not found. I'n not a Linux guy so do not know what else to do since the file will not run via the File Explore screen either.
  5. MAC Turn-On Time wrong

    I will work with the end user on a MAC to get that. But the date has NEVER been newer than 1/6/1970 on Any MAC we have.
  6. Our MacBook's with Agent and KES always seem to have difficulties. They always show in the Security Center that the Turn-on time is 12/31/1969 or 1/6/70 Both dates are Way before the device was manufactured. The MAC OS is 10.11.6 some are 10.11.4 The KES 10 frequently shows as inactive. I have not found a pattern when/why. The same issue existed in previous versions as well. I did confirm that this did NOT exist "/Library/Application\ Support/Kaspersky\ Lab/klnagent_conf/connectors.d/wks8.conf’" Our Security Center is version 10.4.343 The MAC Plugin is, and Where should I start looking? David
  7. It was stated that it could be done "from a full distribution package." Can I assume that from the Security Center the Remote Installation Package is a "Full Distribution package"?
  8. The KSC Console is 10.4.343 running on Server 2012. Almost all Workstations have agent 10.4.343 (About 4300 devices) some (about 200 devices) I intend to get up to 10.4.343 as soon as possible and before I upgraded KES.
  9. If installing KES from a task in the Security Center should I remove older versions 1st? For version KES10.2.4.674 ? For version KES10.2.1.23 ? Or "should" KES10.3.0.6294 always be OK to write on top of KES10.2.1.23 or KES10.2.4.674 ?
  10. Please try this in Your Lab, Installing via command line. Then report back what files were needed in the install. I am sure someone has actually tried it successfully haven't they? Why is it such a "Secret" ? Please Share a Single Install scenario.
  11. When I remove the Checks all the PC's stopped unexpected Reboots. So this seems like a fix for me. Thank You!
  12. I open the Kaspersky Program click on Support at the bottom and At the widow that appears it shows the older version, Or hover the mouse on the "K" icon and it shows the older version. It has also been found that the script is not picking up the mr3 file in install. Can it be possible to get a list of files that the install script needs to work? I was told by support that only the .msi is needed. I added the kes10sp1mr2_en.msp and the kes10sp1mr3.msp This also does not work. Please just give me a list why mis-direct the question???? Even Support will not answer, other than "they Only need the kes10win.msi" Has CMD line install EVER been performed? if so give me the details.
  13. Bump.. This script did Not work. the version was not the newest so it acts like the kes10sp1mr3.msp is not running.
  14. Our Company does not allow file share types of sites so guess I cannot give you the GSI. I assume it would be best to just make sure we do not add any checks in the Boxes under Schedule | Advanced to Not Activate, or Turn off, or stop tasks.
  15. I could not attach an 11Mb file from the GSI. Can you provide an FTP site to send this?