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  1. Yes, Issue resolved. Support wanted me to get all traces of version 10.0.0.x from servers and Plugins, then to rebuilt the KES 11 Profile from default not copied. This helped with a lot of machines, but only 30% at best. The fix seemed to be the Agent Patches patch_10_5_1781_nagent_a for Workstations and the Security Center patch_10_5_1781_server_1 The Kaspersky Support Tech "Peter" was very helpful and kept digging and did an outstanding job determining the resolution. It was not a common issue and we looked at about everything. Peter was Great! David
  2. When might Mojave 10.14.2 be supported? A few guys upgraded to 10.14.2 and I was wondering what issues they might have? David
  3. CompanyAccount case created INC000009929785 Included new screen shots from Client showing detection's Included GSI file. Included screen shots from the Security Center showing detection's. Included screen shot of Threats report that does not show the infections detected. David
  4. Our network security will not let us use file share category type of sites. If you cannot provide a FTP site, I will get our Kaspersky Marketing team be aware that we need to negotiate this into our contract or move to another Antivirus provider. Without an FTP site we will assume that you cannot work on this issue and that we will not be able to view any threat reports which changes the scope of our agreement with Kaspersky. David
  5. Not sure what you wanted but here is a screen shot of the infection from the Eicar file. This is the Same that shows on the console as having a "Virus Detected" but then when the "View threat report" is selected does not show any files. David
  6. I was finally able to produce and upload a file on another computer. I hope this helps David GetSystemInfo_HPZBOOK_dodge_2018_11_13_08_10_27.zip
  7. The Security Center does show that a virus has been detected but there is no other info available. The Log on the infected device shows the cleaning and quarantine of it and the file is in the quarantine.
  8. This is NOT going to work. I have too many files that exceed the 4Mb limit even when individually zipped. Can you provide an FTP Site? Our company security policy is to Not allow us to use FileDrop sites. All Devices do not show ANY files in the Threat report not just one device.
  9. I am adding the GetSystemInfo files in 3 parts This is the 1st part. FIle1of3.zip
  10. I could Not gain access to the same machine referenced earlier. I created an Eicar Test file on My device, KES found it. 1 Properties.jpg shows the 1 virus detected I created. 2ThreatReport.jpg shows no entries in the Report. 3Log.jpg shows the Device "File Threat Protection" Log. notice it does show the detection and Object being deleted. And yet the Threat Response does not indicate any activity. If you need any other info please let me know. David
  11. When installing KES it is Removing the McAfee Drive Encryption Agents. After that the McAfee Agent has to be Reinstalled. In my Installation Package i do have the Check selected for "Uninstall incompatible applications automatically". Is there a Way to have it Checked but Exempt the two (McAfee Agent (generic) and McAfee Agent or is there a work around i can perform for the Laptops with McAfee Disk Encryption? David
  12. My understanding is that RS5 is still Beta. Can you point me to a MS patch ? Can i assume that Windows 10 1809 also has the issue? or did it get fixed? David
  13. I do not have RS5. Most of our devices have Windows 10 1803 or 10.0.17134 David
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