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  1. Latest Version of KIS 2012 fully updated... Shows Threat warning in the front screen but nothing inside the reports!!!!! I deleted all reports but front screen is RED.. Detailed Report section is blank... I think this is a bug with KIS so pls correct it in future versions...
  2. KIS 2012 detected an Adware and quarantined it..But still it shows THREAT message in front screen in red although the file is no longer exists. I tried FIX,Process All,Ignore all tabs but none working.. I am sure file is deleted and removed. How can the front screen turns back into full green with THREAT None notification..? Pls advice...
  3. It is advisable not to use any other Real time scanners along with Kaspersky..Webroot is heavy on system and may not allow other software accessing its core files...This may result in serious errors or even system crashes... Uninstall Webroot and use Superantispyware free version instead and run manual scans.. This will not impose any conflict Try this and post........
  4. I use the same Netmeter and KIS 2011 but no detection.. Pls double check that the netmeter itself is not infected by a virus do a virustotal upload if possible... Kis 2010 is still better and ur decision to wait for some more time is appreciated...
  5. Ha Ha I am impressed... In my country one needs to shell out half his monthly salary to buy softwares like KIs etc etc still I am using the genuine version only because i am an ardent fan of Kaspersky...Pls dont underestimate others What I meant was I upload the same file for analyzis at virustotal and many Avs promptly detect them!!!!but not Kaspersky... The file itself is a trojan and I know the same too..... My only wish is that our Kaspersky should not lag behind in any manner It should stand on Top.... Our Website Says.."Surf with Full Confidence" and saying it has no responsibility on all the sites are contradictory...
  6. I too tested in IE8 and maxthon Site loads in 2 or 3 seconds flat.... Nothing to worry and dont blame KIS
  7. Not A good reply it was used for testing purpose to test the efficiency of fully updated AV!!!!! Whether we browse bad sites or cracks it is the responsibility of a good AV to protect us and for that only we make payments to them Else use returnl without any AV......Thinks Good :b_lol1: :b_lol1:
  8. :b_lol1: It is the heart of Kaspersky AV and fully safe......
  9. Kis does not detect xxp://sharedbb.com/crack/crack.exe as malicious Dangerous files are downloaded from this link which triger rootkit attacks.... The downloaded crack.exe is altered everyday so Kis fail to detect them Block this link soon and update signatures... File has been repetedly sent to analyzis but no use.... edit: link disabled.
  10. A new email attachment named UPS invoice_472.exe detected with a word document icon.. I was about to execute but A2 antimalware blocked it saying Win32.Outbreak.IK KIS not detecting it as a virus at all??????? Beware of the Trojan and urgent signature update requested....
  11. KIS 2010 has excellent banner blocker but it fail to block some banners like asiaadultfinder.com etc.. It pops up even after added to black list.!!! See www.softarchive.net all banners are blocked but this banner constantly appears...even after added to blacklist Tell me how to vanish these type of stubborn banners?
  12. Whenever I boot Kaspersky reports a w32.autorun.axmb trojan in J:\5_5\5\OG.exe !!!!!!! But J:\ itself does not exist in my computer! I installed superantispyware free and did a thorough scan but nothing is found.. My KIS 2010 reports that I am protected and scan does not detect anything..... But at boot the same detection goes on and on.... Is it a real infection?
  13. If you use a Router turn on its hardware firewall and say goodbye to Helkern forever.... Your system is not infected at all..... KIS/KAV seems to leave some commercial keyloggers turn on scan option of "others" apart from viruses,trojan,worm etc for additional protection
  14. KIS 2009 blocks almost all banners but some pops up inspite of all these ex FOREX.COM banners both in yahoo mail and messenger.. I cannot right click and find an option to add this to blacklist or block it. Tell me how to block these banners too? I am not satisfied with KIS 2010 find its options are confusing Pls have some replies..... :laugh3:
  15. I am a licensed user of Kis 2009 I want KIS to prompt me whenever a connection attempt to internet is made by any program irrespective of predefined Rules.... At present some progs are treated as trusted and allowed automatically.. It should not be The user should decide which program to access internet I want just Firewall alerts only not tooooooo many alerts! Any way to achieve this pls help......
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