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  1. Here is what we've been doing to fix this problem: 1) Uninstall Kaspersky v8 2) Run chkdsk C: /r , which does the full chkdsk on the next reboot. 3) Reboot computer -- Has been taking anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours depending on CPU, hard drive, etc... 4) Verify dirty bit has been cleaned (fsutil dirty query c:) from elevated command prompt 5) Install Kaspersky v10
  2. I have this same problem too but posted on another website. Others have the issues as well.... v10 seems to be OK. Here is another thread: http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/3242...issues-suddenly Tyler
  3. We have installed remotely on 2 computers so far and have not seen this issue either. Did you do a local install or push through KSC?
  4. It sounds like Kaspersky is blocking it... Do you have Kaspersky running on the Kaspersky server? Try disabling it temporarily and see if the problem is solved.
  5. Yes, you should be using v8, not the v6 that you have now. v6 = Older PC's, mainly single-core CPU v8 = Anything with a dual-core or faster PC
  6. We have Google Business Apps with KSC and just use IP address of on port 25 for SMTP.
  7. All of my client PCs are getting updates from Kaspersky Labs, not my local server running Kaspersky Security Center. I have all my clients on a Policy, and there is a default "Update" ... Where in KSC do I got to change this? https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/povSN...feat=directlink Tyler
  8. Are the work stations at least dual-core processors, or are they older machines? What are the machine specs?
  9. I've never done anything special with Kaspersky, and I use DriveImage XML for my images. Restore image, re-name computer, and push latest updates to database.
  10. We have found that installing KES8 on anything that isn't at least a dual core doesn't work well (Lags everything, hogs ram, etc...) ... So if you have single core machines, use v6 ... works much better. We've deployed v6 on about 40 machines, and have no issues... and we have some P4 1.3 Hgz running around out there.
  11. If I check Properties for keys, all computers are listed as "ACTIVE". I think I see the problem. Some computers that show having an active license are not showing up under Managed Computers. I see them under Unassigned Computers -> Domain. If I check the computer locally, it has Kasperky on it.... but under KSC they don't show having Network Agent or KES. How do I fix that?
  12. If I run Reports & Notifications -> Key Usage Report it show that I have 124 of 130 keys used for my 1st license, and 18 of 20 used for my 2nd license. If I go to Repositories -> Keys it shows I have 129 of 130 used for first license, and 19 of 20 used for my 2nd license. Which one is correct, and why is there a difference?
  13. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have the same problem, and do not have this option checked. I think my problem is that I have 2 different licenses, and certain users keep switching between the 2 licenses causing them to get re-added to KSC, thus putting them back in my "default" group.
  14. I had all users reboot last night (About 150 PCs), and everything is working smooth this morning. I think between disabling Device Control (we were using default settings only) and updating the Network Agent from 9.0.2825 to 9.0.2786 seems to have resolved it for us. This is what they told me from support: Please upgrade your network agents on your machines. The 2786 network agent had cpu issues. To do this you must install critical fix one for the security center. You can download the lite installer and just install on top, no reboot is required. Push the new network agent.
  15. After updating KSC, pushing out the network agent update, running the patch, and disabling device control, the issue may have been resolved. No complaints in 24 hours, which doesn't mean too much ... A lot of my users will just "live with it" and not report anything. I'm almost afraid to send an email out asking. I'll probably ask all users to shut down tonight and re-start in the morning to see if it resolved.
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