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  1. KIS 2017 blocks newegg reviews. The only way to get them back is Setting-<Additional-<Network->Disable script injection. However this action makes Safe Money, ad blocker and other components of KIS not functional. This is NOT a viable solution. How to proceed?
  2. Turned Windows firewall off Removed KIS'11 rebooted installed KIS'12 rebooted updated databases rebooted second system does not have KIS or windows firewall on Ran microsoft ntttcp test with command line for transmitter NTttcps -m 1,1, -a 2 -t 20 for receiver NTttcpr -m 1,1, -a 16 -fr -t 20 Here are network utilization graphs Running test with KIS off and with KIS on Clearly KIS is somehow impeding network traffic, without it running, it's close to 5Gb/s Ran GetSystemInfo, here is the link GetSystemInfo report I could really use help here as for now it is a show stopper for using KIS thx,
  3. Show stopper for fast network connections. It looks like KIS cannot cope with them. I'm using 10Gb ethernet connection between two pc's. When KIS 2011 is on the connection maxes out at around 1Gb/s, when I pause KIS, I can get 4Gb/s easy (card is only in PCIex4 slot). This seems to be KIS filtering slowing the network down. I can't find any option to exclude particular network interface from being scanned by KIS? I have unchecked NDIS filter in control panel/network settings/adapter properties/KIS NDIS filter, but that does not fix it.
  4. Reply to myself, it may help someone in the future when they do a search on this subject Turned out it's a known issue with Novell and IE9. It can be solved in three ways: 1. Install patch on the Novell server 2. Use IE9 Compatibility mode view 3. Use Basic interface option when logging in to Novell
  5. nope, does not fix it. I've added the whole domain *domaininquestion.com* and still no go. on the other hand if it was turned off before than it was allowing all banners anyway, right? Any other ideas? thx,
  6. I'm using web browser to access Novell GroupWise thru Internet explorer 9. When KIS 2011 is enabled, after logging in, I get blank page. No email inbox or anything. If I pause protection it works fine. After that if I enable KIS it continues to work. On next reboot it doesn't work again. I checked the logs, set KIS to interactive mode and I don't know what it is blocking or what rule to create.
  7. I have the same exact problem. Running Gigabyte DQ6 with ICH8R, two raid 1 arrays (system boot is on one), Vista home premium, 2G ram C2D. Vista runs fine but scan freezes. It goes through system areas on all drives, than starts scanning all other files and some time into that scan (after screen sacer kicked in it hangs stuff hard.
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