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  1. That did it, thank you nathan and Happy New Year to you too.
  2. I can't as is shows that I have not downloaded it, which I have several times.
  3. I purchased a one year subscription for KIS and KSC. I downloaded both after payment, KIS is working fine but KSC is still showing the " Remove Limitation " when I turn it on. How do I activate it? I never got a place to type in my activation code like I did with KIS.
  4. I would like to disable 3 notifications but I have no option to do so as far aa I can see.
  5. I would like to say that my issue is resolved thanks to Kaspersky support, I contacted them and they sent me step by step instructions on how to fix the problem, my virtualization in the BIOS was turned off, I turned it on and problem solved. So if anyone is still having this issue my advice is to contact support.
  6. Is the download link for the UK? I need the US version.
  7. Same here, if it's not fixed when mine expires I'm gone.
  8. I agree there seems no solution to the problem, I am running a brand new computer ( windows 10 ) with an Intel processor and this is when I started getting the yellow warning box, the computer this replaced was less than a year old ( windows 10 ) with an AMD processor and it never had this problem ( I only replaced the other computer because I liked this one better ) and I have another computer currently running that's about 2 years old and it has an Intel processor ( windows 7 ) and it doesn't have this problem either, as a matter of fact in the safe money settings it has no box to check or uncheck for the screenshot , also my girlfriend has a computer ( windows 10 ) with an Intel processor and she has no problem, and FYI, uninstalling and reinstalling KTS won't help either, I tried that. My three computers and my girlfriends computer is running the same version of KTS, My subscription expires in a couple weeks and I am considering not renewing it and going with another company and I hate that, I have always had the utmost trust for Kaspersky until now.
  9. To totally remove all componets of KTS after deleting it from my computer after uninstalling it from the programs and features.
  10. I'm not going to mess with my BIOS on a brand new computer, if the issue isn't fixed soon I am gone, I do appreciate your help, thank you.
  11. Apparently there is no fix for my issue so I just have one more question. Is safe money still safe to use? I'm asking because I only have a few more weeks left before my subscription expires and I will consider renewing it.
  12. Any other suggestions? This is aggravating, I've been using Kaspersky for many years now, I really would hate to switch to another company.
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