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  1. Any solutions on this? I am experiencing the same problem. Transfers without kaspersky 2017 running are 113MB/s and with kaspersky activated drops to 66MB/s
  2. Cannot find my free License!

    I can't see the envelope you mentions
  3. Updated to latest version. No change. I have submitted a ticket.
  4. I have an LG G5 running Android 6.0.1 and password manager When I select any saved password and copy to the clipboard, after a few seconds a message is displayed saying "Clipboard is cleared" But if I open my Clip Tray I can see that my password is still there.
  5. If I go to www.mydomain.com and save my password then when I go to promotion.mydomain.com then password manager thinks is the same domain which is wrong. Also if I manually add the account on password manager it thinks that the accounts are the same and automatically merge them :angry: It should at least ask if I want to merge them, now I have to recover my passwords again. Plus while writing this post password manager pops up asking if I want to save this login. Which one? the entire post?
  6. SMS sent to Russia

    Really? I didn't know that! There's nothing new here. My point is why Kaspersky do this without warning users that extra charges may apply if some services are activated?
  7. SMS sent to Russia

    Hi, I have no idea of what's been sent, this is something that I'm still waiting for an official answer from Kaspersky without any luck.
  8. I've just been charged three times for sending SMS to this number Why does it send messages without my approval? Thanks