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  1. Hi Artem, could you clarify what this KB fixes please? Who was your response directed to? I, like many others, am waiting for the MR3 release so I can begin testing things on Redstone. Is it safe to continue using the Beta release even though testing has finished?
  2. Still waiting for CF1 (now being integrated into MR1) to fix issues with EP10 (which was recommended to fix problems we were having with EP8 back in APRIL 2013). I hear now that I'm stupid to expect MR1 in 2013 and to wait for Q1 2014... Maybe it'll be April and I'll have been waiting a whole year? I've not raised any tickets for the last 6 months+ as have been doing my own support after Kaspersky support directed me to a local reseller for any support (really felt like they were washing their hands of me). Turns out the staff there hadn't even seen (or been trained on) EP10, yet were expected to support it. :dash2: Nearing the end of our first year (of a 3 year licence). Unless things improve I'll be pushing a change of product, but cost will probably override my decision as our industry has been hit hard (like most). My time to support Kaspersky is considered much cheaper than an increase in licence cost by changing product. Thankfully I've 'fixed' a lot of my problems by removing KSC and manually installing each client (luckily I don't have many to support), rolling out updates using Updater and a central distribution folder (a-la KAV6). Network overhead and stability seem loads better 'doing things the hard way'. SME's have the same problems as you bigger guys - but we have to deal with 'local Kaspersky support'!
  3. Thanks ChrisD, waiting on fixes reported back in April... Just hope they're included!
  4. Any updates on 'CF1' or am I correct in my understanding that it's being integrated into MR1 (the EP10 Win8.1 release). Scheduled release has moved from 'October' to now 'December' for an issue reported back in April... Not very good for a business product! I don't see why us business EP10 users should wait for a Win8.1 patch when most of us have no interest of integrating Win8, never mind 8.1 anytime soon (for many compatibility reasons, some related to what Kaspersky are obviously working on). GIVE US CF1 PLEASE! :dash1:
  5. Is what was previously called CF1 for EP10 now being integrated into MR1?
  6. Watch out for the kicker with KES setting weekly scans - the program will 'forget' the setting after reboot and schedule itself to run WEDS, THURS & FRI!
  7. Are you able to check you can you access the Kaspersky tasks as a local admin on one of the client machines?
  8. My current solution - buy new KES10 licence and install KES8, wait for KES11/12. Majority of these have been KAV6 MP4 upgrades anyway. If you've installed EP10 on Windows XP keep an eye on it, I've had lots of 'niggles' that didn't exist in EP8 aswell as a huge performance hit.
  9. Looking at my notes from yesterday a little more fresh faced... Each of these registry entries look to be tied into KSN reporting. I had opted out of 'sending reports to KSN' during setup, is that possibly related to the registry keys 'missing'?
  10. Wouldn't a 'Files in Quarantine' or such be better wording/description? 'Malware Detected' scares most users into thinking they have been infected with malware even with Kaspersky on their machine.
  11. Note: a Windows repair install DID NOT fix the problem! These are the registry entries KES10 setup is unable to find when attempting to repair: \SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\KES10\settings\KSN_AllowForFiles \SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\KES10\settings\KSN_AllowForURLs \SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\KES10\settings\def\EnableStatistics \SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\protected\KES10\profiles\Proc Mon\settings\def\UseKLSRL I saw more registry entries within \settings\ than I had previously. I have manually created these missing entries as DWORD with a value of 1. Yet the Kaspersky repair still fails. Formatting hard drive as not got time to waste with submitting a ticket and getting a follow-up hours later, at least that way I can safely install EP8 without any worry of leftovers from EP10. Kaspersky, EP10 needs lots more testing on Windows XP! It's unstable, a system hog and thrashes the disk for no reason. EP8 is much quicker and more stable!
  12. You need to check the Quarantine & Unprocessed reports to clear/fix.
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