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  1. Dear All, Can We decrypt hard disk, by plugin another computer which is have same FDE policy. because that user cannot remember his password and computer also deleted from the group for 2 months. now we get the data from that hard disk by passing key method. but user want to connect that hard disk and log in form his computer.
  2. KSC 10.4.343 with patch a and CVE-2017-9765
  3. Dear All, When we open the ports for kaspersky security center 10 (TCP 13000,14000 etc....) what will be the requirements, means Are we need to open this ports from both side (from server side or client host side or both)?
  4. actually i want to enplane this to customer what kind of things this is ???? they ask what is this is ???
  5. one of my customer facing network attack issue call Scan.Generic.UDP it is come through public IP (port 988)and end point network attack feature block it. please let me know details about Scan.Generic.UDP ?
  6. Hi, Need some Information about kaspersky embedded security for following ? 1. what is the minimum size of the signature database? 2.Minimum bandwidth requirements for net agent installation? 3.For remote deployment(AV) what is required bandwidth ? 4.Unique features of the proposed product ?
  7. hi thanks for the information. but i have to create installation package to deploy it. *.kud packages only contain that 2 folders only.
  8. hi, Im trying to install Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security. when i extract the setup file there is two setup file in separate folder. 1. Product 2. Product_no_avbases which setup should i install?
  9. hi can anyone help me to how to add the ping command in custom tools?
  10. hi i have faced following error form the new kaspersky security center.
  11. Any one please?????????? :dash1: :dash1: :dash1:
  12. Hi, one of our client use kaspersky virtualization for his environment. he buy the 1500 Desktop license, VMware ESXI : 5.1 u3 Vcenter : 5.5 Kaspersky SVM : Light-agent : after the configuration, we deploy that key to SVM and run the update for SVM,it is now working fine. but after install light agent to the client , license not get the automatically. we check the all ports(http://support.kaspersky.com/10811) svm and client computer both are well connected (telnet and ping) but license not deploy automatically, then we disable auto discovery (http://support.kaspersky.com/10719#block0)and check .then license get it. my issue is, 1. Does Vcenter 5.5 Supported to ESXI 5.1 ? 2. There are name duplication issue in security center, now we use Netagent VDI mode For client, but VDI mode is NOt working ...(http://support.kaspersky.com/9305) 3. Why License Not deploying automatically?
  13. thanks for the reply, this is the trail key . please see the attached file
  14. Hi, when we add the kaspersky security center license for administration server property, 1st time it add completely, then we delete it and add the same key or different key it give the attached error. thanks...
  15. Hi, one of our client use KSC 10.2.434 with Patch d. when we start the download update repository task it gives following error. Update task complete. Error verifying downloaded component. Component installation rejected by application. Then we exit the kaspersky endpoint( from server. after that download task complete without any error. Why End point rejected that updates? please look these as soon as possible. Thank you.
  16. Hi, can we change kaspersky internet security installation path to other partition? i try it from below command but not working.. after install it comes to system partition only. @CMD as Administrator kis16.0.0.614a%20bcden_9295.exe /pINSTALLDIR="D:\Custom Folder\kis2016" Thanks..
  17. i will do it, what about deleting records by using sql management studio. Thank you.
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