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  1. This happened twice. The first time, i recovered from it automatically. Now, it is not recovering. I have no protection. What do I do now ?
  2. No, the high-risk behavior cannot be avoided. No risk, no fun ! If you need any details, please let me know.
  3. It happened only once. TOR worked fine after a reboot. The problem is that I don't know if it was TOR or possibly a malware attack. I am a pretty high risk user, which is why I need to be on my toes all the time.
  4. I was running 2 browsers, VLC and TOR together. The moment I had started TOR, is saw the BSOD. How can I extract get the excat cause behind this BSOD and send it to you ? GSI again ?
  5. Now my system took more than 2 minutes to boot. I restarted it 3 times and the same problem occurred. I waited for about 4 minutes and it booted. Now i am a little ticked off. I am posting the GSI logs as a zip file, as usual scrubbed. Please tell me if there are potential dangers. I do surf risk websites in sandboxes. That could be a source of problems. Thanks. GetSystemInfo_SHOCK_shockley_2012_05_21_21_41_47.zip
  6. LOL ! :b_lol1: Sorry. I really assumed that you would know a lot about my system by now. That problem is gone now. But there is one that remains. I dont see the tabs or the close/minimize buttons in my task manager. So i always exit using the esc key. This one has been around for a month. Will post the logs shortly. But i hate posting logs because i have to scrub personal details off them. This is a very boring thing. PS: I dont know if waht happened was because of KIS or my shi-tty OS. I sometimes wonder if i am becoming paranoid about security.
  7. I am not even checking that link now. However, i do visit such websites. Do a wiki or google check on the company to see if it is a legitimate site or not. Beware that if someone is giving you something for free, then its likely that there is a price attached to it. Who knows what kind of browser exploits may be embedded in freebie websites pages. So, try running these sites in a vm or a sandbox. Even that wont guarantee 100% security.
  8. 1- Firefox freezes when i go to youtube and open a video. 2- Some videos on computer do not run. There is no sound on all videos that used to work properly ! Programs like vlc still shown in taskbar even after quitting successfully. Please help to check if this is a malware issue. Thanks.
  9. Its a link and not a malware file. How do i send those links/urls to kaspersky? Can i send it to the mods by pm ?
  10. It is given below. It looks like some crappy survey site. Please confirm if the link is malicious.
  11. I dont know if this could be a malware attack. I am using firefox 11. When i go to google.com to search, everything is normal until i click the search button. Nothing happens. I can do google searches only by using the firefox search box.
  12. They both shut down and then i see a windows message that asks me to activate them. Then, a few seconds later KIS says that it is reactivated. Could this be an infection ? BTW, i had protected KIS with a password to prevent tampering.
  13. Where did i post that report ? If I did, it was because I did not realize that it would reveal a lot about me/my system.
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