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  1. It seems newer machine disks are GPT now days. Is this supported for Full disk encryption? Thanks,
  2. I'm not sure I follow. Post it where?
  3. I've asked this many times, but have this feature been added yet? A lot of times I need to reboot a machine remotely, so there needs to be a way to reboot a machine to bypass the pre-boot authentication. If it hasn't been added, this needs to be a feature request to be added with a quickness. This is the only thing holding us up from completely moving away from Sophos FDE. Thanks,
  4. My mistake I misread. I was expecting a plugin like the others. Anyways, I already had that installed. I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall. That solved the issue.
  5. I have downloaded the application plugin from the download section and it installs version 3.2.381. There's no 3.4 that I can find.
  6. Does this exist? I tried installing the plugin from the download section of Virtualization for 3 SP1, but KSC 10 SP2 shows the policy as unknown.
  7. Another options is to use the BIOS of the laptop to handle this. Most laptops now days have an option in BIOS to disable Wifi when a network cable is plugged in. This is how we have our laptops setup.
  8. 3797 is your feature request ID for reference.
  9. The current web filtering categories are in desperate need of attention. The way some of the categories are grouped makes no sense. For example: Software, Audio, Video...why are all of those grouped as one? They need to be broken out. Here are some categories I would like to see: - Adult - Dating - Gambling - Games - Malware - Music - Nudity - Online Storage and Backup - Parked - Peer to Peer - Phishing - Proxy avoidance and anonymizers - Questionable - Social Media - Streaming Media - Unknown - Web Advertisements - Web Based E-mail - Not Resolved
  10. Can this be made a feature request? This is one item holding us back from switching from Sophos to Kaspersky for FDE.
  11. Is there a way to bypass FDE pre-boot? Say I'm working on a machine remote and I need to reboot the machine. How can I get back into Windows remotely?
  12. Is there the ability for me to use our internal PKI to generate a user certificate and then add that cert to a pen drive to use for authentication at pre-boot? Thanks,
  13. Encrypt all files with Portable Manager checked.
  14. Is there a way to disable the ability to decrypt files in the Portable Mode utility. Why give the users the ability to decrypt files on the USB Drive? Also, it doesn't help that a user can also add files to the drive in a decrypted state. It would be nice if I could completely encrypt a USB Drive and also have the ability to have Portable Mode, so you can only add files through the Portal Mode Utility (except when plugged into a machine with KES/AES module). Hope that makes sense.
  15. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1
  16. For the love of god please separate Software, audio, video to individual content categories. I can see audio/video being one category, but not with software. Rant over... Thanks,
  17. That article doesn't mention anything about approval by country unless I missed something. Install manually? It also doesn't mention anything about that either. There needs to be better communication about release versions. I didn't even know it was released until I happened to stumble across a forum topic about it. I recommend that a sticky be made for new release versions announcements.
  18. I read somewhere that this was release to the public. We have updates set to Install Critical updates and Approved updates, but we are not seeing MR1. Is there some special way to get this update that I'm not aware of? KES: KLAgent: 10.2.434 KSC: 10.2.480.0 Thanks,
  19. So, how do we block it? I see no setting for it in the web control settings.
  20. I swore there was a setting in Web Control for blocking Online Storage like drop box, onedrive, etc. How can this be added?
  21. Anyone out there actually using Kaspersky Security for Exchange? We have a Barracuda Spam Firewall as a Edge appliance and it works great, no problems. I installed KS for Exchange for the hell of it as another line of defense. I enabled Anti-Spam on "Low" and setup Save Copy and Allow just so I could see how it handled e-mail. So far it doesn't work very well. So far there are about 681 objects that it thinks is spam that is not. There is no real way to tune in the spam settings like on our Barracuda. At this point we are just using KS for Exchange as a secondary AV scan of inbound e-mail. The Anti-Spam feature is no where near ready for real world applications yet. As I was writing this I noticed some phishing e-mails that it capture which are false positive.
  22. So in a nutshell, You have your "master policy" that you configure how you want. Then you have a profile policy. You make changes inside the profile policy and whatever you lock overwrites the "master policy". So for example I have AV exceptions in the "master policy", but I want the profile to have a change with the Web A/V module. So I make the changes in the profile for just the Web A/V and lock it. The machines will still get the AV exceptions from the master, but have the changes with Web A/V that you applied to that machine. The way I handle activation rules is by Tags. I have special profiles for certain machines and I tag those machines that need the profile policy. I hope that makes sense.
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