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  1. Just installed the Core 13 patch support provided. This dropped the CPU load on the servers. Will let you know if the file access and saving is improved.
  2. Kaspersky Security for Windows Server on 15 servers. One server fills the Kaspersky report directory in a few days of running causing the server to fail.
  3. Updated to version in attempt to fix slow file access and saving. Two file servers - Windows 2012 R2 using DFS for all of the user file shares and roaming profile storage. Even impacts opening of files from email attachments. Turning off Kaspersky on both servers fixes the issues
  4. I have opened an incident INC000009274020 and attached the GSI report there.
  5. What is the URL for the KSC Distributive? I cannot find the new (latest) agent.
  6. Complete installations of Endpoint 11 and network agent 10.5.1781 going out of control after a couple of days. (10 out of 30 installations) Attempting to re install agent gives error that operating system is not supported. (windows 10 pro). running from a command window klnagchk.exe opens and runs in a separate window and goes away before results can be seen.
  7. What is the URL for the KSC Distributive? I do not see the agent in the list when I look online for current versions of Kaspersky applications out of KSC.
  8. Endpoint 11 installation does not install newer agent on some machines. Attempting to reinstall hangs after installing agent and does not reinstall Endpoint 11. Server still reports old agent version. Need separate installation file for newer agent
  9. It is not obvious in the online help how to start or stop the agent nor does it tell how to set it up to automatically start.
  10. So Kaspersky is useless in this situation then. Is there a Kaspersky solution for these Linux servers? Web server, FTP server and file servers?
  11. What is the command to start the agent. I am a Linux noob. Where and how to get to the log?
  12. Firewall is stopping the connection attempt - PUA-OTHER XMRig cryptocurrency mining pool connection attempt. Source IP address: 10.0.xxx.xxx (server.xxxx.corp) Source port: 52588 Destination IP address: Destination port: 443 (https) Receiving this warning once a minute from firewall for one of the Linux servers. Kaspersky scan shows nothing. Unable to find whatever process is trying to connect.
  13. Endpoint 10 for Linux SP1 installation on Opensuse Leap 42.2 have 3 servers where the agent just quits randomly. Have to reboot the server to restart it.
  14. I finally received the core10 patch and have it installed. Server clients are still working normally as reported to the management server. Was told I do not need to install the anti cryptor patch 4 - supposed to be included in the core10 patch. I am still unable to open the console on the clients - it is grayed out when I click on the icon on the client machine
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