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  1. It is not! It has the latest version;But it is not updated with the last update patches and Databases.
  2. Thank you.but some of my machines are not connected to the internet and I don't wanna use Offline Update with KU. Where can I download updated versions?
  3. //Edit: Tech Article is here: http://support.kaspersky.com/pure_2/tech?p...p;qid=208286621 Hello all! I'm going to install PURE on several machines.But I'm looking for an updated version to install. Where can I download Kaspersky PURE updated till patch c ? Thanks
  4. Thanks.But I want to make a usful separated new updates.for example a 10 MB folder to update KIS just from that folder.not all 330 MB!Is it possible?
  5. Hello all! I am updated KIS till 27/5/2012 with Kaspersky Updater offline.and now I want to update it offline again. I tried to use Kaspersky Updater.I was download updates till 27/5/2012 with KU too.So I checked "create a differentiated updated folder". But after Downloading,I couldn"t update KIS with "diffs" folder. What should I do to separate the updates from 27/5/2012 till now from all updates to reduce the size?I mean how can I separate the new updates from the old ones? Thank you
  6. No... I mean for example in custom scan or full scan.does it scan many files at the same time?
  7. Hello all! I have a question about the scanning technology of KAV & KIS. I heard that kaspersky scans many files in many folders at one time and not one by one.for example scans 5 files in C:Program files and 5 files in D:New Folder in one second Is it right? Thank you
  8. Thanks Now i understood what do you say. No!I mean Can i just copy last week update files or i must copy the whole?
  9. What do you mean? I asked my question clearly! Do you know is it possible or not? Thanks
  10. Hello all! I have a question of update files. Can we find last bases (for example last week bases) from the whole of them in bases folder to use for a program that is updated until last week in anothe machine.How I really need it.please help me. :dash1: Thanks
  11. Hello all! I have question about analyzing threats in Kaspersky. How Kaspersky detects malicious codes in a file?Example:I have a file in my machine that has 5 malicious code in. does Kaspersky tell me " 1 threat is detected " or " 5 threats are detected" ? I mean does it tell me the number of malicious codes found or the number of threat files found?
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