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  1. Maybe you can create an "Install license key" task in adminkit and use that to deploy the key.
  2. Thanks for the idea, unfortunately it didn't help. I could remove the old key, but adding the new key still failed the same way. I think I may have some kind of conflict between various ConsoleOne plugins, but I have no idea how to debug this further. So I just loaded klnagent.nlm on the server and deployed the key via adminkit. It was easier than I thought. Initially when I installed KAV on the NW server I didn't want it to be managed via adminkit, because I was afraid that all sorts of global policies and group tasks that are defined for our Windows workstations will take over the server. However, I think that tasks and policies that are defined for Windows will not affect KAV on Netware anyway, so I should be safe.
  3. I have KAV 5.7.3 running on Netware 6.5 SP8 and I'm trying to add a new license key, because my current key is about to expire. Using ConsoleOne, I browse to my server where KAV is installed, open it's properties, click "Register license key", then "Add key" and choose my new key in the file dialog. At that point, ConsoleOne simply closes with no error messages. Repeating the procedure, I see that the key was not added. Any ideas? BTW, I don't have network agent running on that server, so can't use admin kit to deploy the new key.
  4. We are running admin kit 8.0.2090 and kav on workstations. In admin kit we have defined a group task to run full scan once every 30 days. The task is set to start at 1:15 every night and wake up the PC with WoL before starting. However, it seems that the task is running every night. For example, on my own workstation the task ran yesterday night and then again tonight. Viewing the task result for client computers shows that the task completes successfully on most computers. It is listed as "failed" on selected few computers, but surely that shouldn't cause the admin kit to re-run the task again on all computers? What's up?
  5. I do see server sending out udp/7 packets at times when it is set to wake up the client, so I'd say that's confirmed. Additionally, my yesterdays testing was flawed because during the testing the test client developed other problems which prevented it from waking up. Once these were resolved and I configured my Catalyst switch to forward udp/7 broadcasts, my test client started waking up at times when the scheduled virus scan was set to run. Actually, the test client is now waking up even at various times when there should be no scheduled task to wake it. I haven't yet determined why this is happening.
  6. Hmm, It seems that UDP port 7 is now used?
  7. I did some more testing, with another client which doesn't have the duplicate MAC problem described in my original post. In admin kit I created a task of type 'Admin kit tasks' -> 'Advanced', 'Manage client computer', under settings select 'Turn on the computer'. When I manually run this task, the client computer does wake up. However, and this is most puzzling, I do not see any WoL packet going out of the server, when watching traffic with wireshark. I've tried using filters like this: udp port 60000 udp port 12287 udp port 12287 or udp port 60000 dst Also, the Virus Scan task set to wake up the computer 5 minutes before start still doesn't wake it. It's currently set to run every 1 hours.
  8. Hello! I'm trying to get the WoL functionality working with Admin Kit 8.0.2090. I'm doing initial testing with one PC. I can successfully wake up this PC by running wol.exe on the server where Admin Kit is installed, so I think that the PC and my network are correctly set up for WoL. However, Kaspersky Admin Kit doesn't wake up this same PC. I have created a Virus Scan task for this specific computer. Under schedule settings I set it to run every day at a specific time, and in Advanced settings I've specified that the client should be waked up 5 minutes before the task starts. I've been running Wireshark on the server, and I don't see it sending out any WoL packets on port 60000 at the time when it should wake the PC. When running wol.exe, I do see the packet on port 12287 going out. I found a SQL query in another thread that I used to check (if I understand correctly) whether the MAC address of my test PC is recorded in the admin kit database: SELECT Hosts.strDisplayName FROM Hosts LEFT OUTER JOIN hst_mac ON Hosts.nId = hst_mac.nId WHERE hst_mac.strMac IS NULL I ran this query and it didn't list the PC I'm testing with (although it did list some other PCs) One interesting thing I noticed is that the hst_mac table lists two MAC addresses for the PC that I'm testing with mysql> select * from hst_mac where nidhost=46; +-----+---------+--------------+ | nId | nIdHost | strMac | +-----+---------+--------------+ | 44 | 46 | 0021850F4129 | | 747 | 46 | 00FFABE04821 | +-----+---------+--------------+ First of these is correct MAC, whereas second is wrong. I wonder whether it is safe to manually delete one of these from the database?
  9. I see from the docs that Kaspersky Administration Kit can also be installed on Windows XP. Our current installation is Administration Kit 5.x on Windows 2003 Server, however that server has lot of tasks and I would like to get KAV off it. Also, it's time to move on from our current setup of 5.x adminkit and (ca 370) 5.x clients to 8.x adminkit and 6.x clients. The idea is to create a Windows XP machine as Xenserver guest and run Kaspersky Administration Kit 8.x on that. Then gradually migrate clients from 5.x and old server to 6.x and new server. Is administration kit on Windows XP somehow 'limited' compared to administration kit running on Windows 200x Server?
  10. Hello! Does anyone have experience running Kaspersky Administration server (specifically version 5.0.1152) with SQL Express 2005? I currently have it running with MSDE 2000, but some other software on the same server needs SQL Express 2005. Also, anything particular I need to take into account when upgrading SQL? I will, of course, perform a backup prior to upgrading.
  11. I received a confirmation from Kaspersky Labs, after sending our gctray.exe to them for reviewing: Subject: RE: Possible false positive: Gigabyte COM utility [KLAB-1696858] Date: 8 Feb 2007 13:03:43 +0300 From: <newvirus@kaspersky.com> Hello. That is actually backdoor. That is not false positive. If it was actually written by Gigabyte they should remove it from their packages. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hello! We have approximately 100 PCs with Gigabyte 8I865GVME motherboard, running Windows XP and KAV 5.0.676. On these machines, a Gigabyte utility called C.O.M is installed for motherboard health monitoring. Part of this utility is gctray.exe. Yesterday, KAV detected gctray.exe on all these 100 machines as Backdoor.Win32.Small.nv and removed it. I found on Google that there is some malware which is also named gctray.exe, but I suspect this is not it. Our gctray exe was installed into c:\windows\system32, it's size is 20480 bytes and md5 checksum 14D7195D329A64F77AB650721DEC2046. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Gigabyte motherboard companion CD to verify whether gctray.exe on this CD is identical. Can we consider this a false alarm or has Kaspersky Labs actually found that gctray.exe installed by Gigabyte *is* a backdoor?
  13. Actually, it was enabled and the % was set to 50. I'm thinking now that perhaps I should set it to something really low, like 5, so that scan is paused whenever there is *any* user activity. It seems to me that "common" user activity usually doesn't cause 50% CPU load and so the option doesn't kick in.
  14. Hello! In earlier versions of Admin kit (5.0.1104-ish), the policy for workstations had a troubleshooting option called "Limit processor load", where we could set the maximum CPU utilization that the on-demand scan could cause on the workstation. We had set it to 50 and it really seemed to help - in case when the on-demand scan for some reason started during the working hours, the workstation remained more or less usable by the user. In admin kit 5.0.1151 this option seems to not exist any more. There is another troubleshooting option called "Pause antivirus scan when system load exceeds .... %", but this is not the same thing. For some reason or another, my own workstation started on-demand scan this morning, and KAV seemed to be happily crunching along at nearly 100% CPU usage... The machine was practically unusable for anything else.
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