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  1. I live in the EU but don't trust the GDPR can I use the international version. On a side note is there a way to bypass this annoying and useless GDPR, half of the websites I want to visit block me
  2. Okay an email today (from prey)gave me a clue, kaspersky's high cpu was caused by prey; does kts offer similar functionality as prey?
  3. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e9cac60673bf5de (ps it says the report was altered, it was but I just removed my real name)
  4. Since I returned from my holiday (so I can't really tell which update caused it) end of august KTS 2016 has been using a lot of CPU. I tried to install 2017 and the same problem, around 13-17% cpu idle (no background scan)
  5. The Kaspersky protection plugin needs to be enabled than it works, at least that did the trick for me
  6. I don't want to go hacking the registry or install 3rd party apps to get kaspersky to work
  7. windows defender can't be turned off, it will auto-enable
  8. Kaspersky now shows it's notifications in the top right, which is kind of annoying since it blocks a part if my content (together with the frequent warnings I get my network is insecure). I can move the notification but next time it pops up it's right back to the top right
  9. I just upgraded to win10 and noticed windows defender is still on, should I disable it, or disable parts of it? I am running KTS 16 on win10 64bits
  10. I get the same first under win8.1 (64 bit) latest kaspersky 15(patch c) and now under win10 latest kaspersky 15 patch c and kaspersky 16, it happens with 2 different laptops. My network is wpa2 secured though (asus rt-ac66 running latest merlin-wrt firmware). This has been happening for the last 2-3 months
  11. Yes, the log is from after reinstall, though I left all settings and stuff intact
  12. My Kaspersky Pure (13 with f patch) says it only has 6 signatures in the database (database from 2014-6-28 7:58:00)
  13. I seem to have been infected with fixmyregistry and speedupmycomputer malware, although I scanned the files with Kaspersky and Spybot they both come clean but I try to remove these apps, which I accidentally installed thinking I was installing imgburn but they keep reappearing over and over on my computer, so to me they classify as malware, where and how to report them?
  14. I agree, I thought Pure was Kaspersky's most premium consumer product but updates are much slower than KIS. I wished my Pure license would work on KIS, the same way a KIS license works on KAV but unfortunately it doesn't. I asked for a downgrade to tech support but I never received a reply instead the ticket was just closed
  15. on one of the computers the license, of my 3 computer license, keeps disappearing and kaspersky deactivates. It started with kaspersky pure 2, I uninstalled it and then installed pure 3 but the same thing happened.
  16. why is the build bumber lower than the last beta (821 for last beta and 558 for release)
  17. The Message center says windows and kis firewall are both turned off in Win8 when KIS firewall is enabled but when I disable the firewall the warning goes away and comes back when the firewall is turned on again
  18. I recently upgraded to win8 but after reading this don't feel save, can't we pure users get a kis license in the meantime?
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