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  1. Kaspersky Pure 3.0 4th topic? Can you please link that topic since i only see 3 in this section
  2. It adds 5-6 seconds delay before opening any page. Highly annoying. By disabling individual components in pure i found that system watcher causes this problem. This started happening about a week ago. Anything i can do or your update caused this? edit: in site links load fine. Problem is when i try to load new site. Even google. For about 5 seconds nothing happen than it loads instantly like it should have done right away. when i disable system watcher problem goes away
  3. 1. I installed the patch http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=232341 In thread it says firefox 11 and March 28 but it actually works for ff 12 also After the patch i restarted and it still wasn't working but then i went into ff addons meny look in both extensions and plugins I think the one in plugins was grey and i had the option to click "enable" after i clicked enable i restarted ff and password manager started working Hope this helps
  4. Is there a patch that make it work or is there a patch coming? edit: i got it to work using the patch + manual enable after
  5. I am confused Is there a patch that makes password manager work in firefox 12 out now or are we still waiting?
  6. Still no fix for password manager in firefox 12?
  7. I will do that but u137 who had exactly the same problem didn't even get a reply from support. btw i just tried to install the patch again and same result - pure crashes in less than 30 seconds with same referenced memory related error
  8. I followed instructions to the letter and tried it more than 5 times but no chance to get it working. After the patch password manager starts working but pure crashes constantly. After i uninstal Pure and instal it again without patch it works fine. Hopefully they will fix the problem soon...
  9. They obviously rushed the patch without testing it on all operating systems. Please post here when you get reply from support. I am also disappointed that 10 days after release of firefox 5 we still don't have a working password manager in Pure.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Since obviously i am not the only one with this problem i will skip support and just wait for the proper patch (or new version of pure with integrated firefox 5 support for password manager) Hopefully soon @ u137 Are you also win 7 64 bit user?
  11. btw new version of pure with integrated password manager that work in firefox 5 expected soon? latest version available for download on your site pure9.1.0.124en password manager don't work with firefox 5 and as i said patching it get password manager to work but it destroys pure. sorry for multiple posts but edit only work for a short time.
  12. This patch completely messes up Pure on win 7 64 bit as soon as i start my PC i get this error And after that it's impossible to start pure. edit: i figured out i can start pure by clicking "run as an administrator" on avp.exe but almost imidiatly the same error that closes pure. edit: "run as administrator" trick only worked once. No way i can start pure now without restart. Will reinstal pure without this patch and hopefully you will make a patch that actualy WORK soon.
  13. Patch got password manager to work but i quickly had 2 avp.exe related errors. i will try to reinstall pure.
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