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  1. I am annoyed at myself mostly Don, look I trusted KIS totally, it has NEVER let me down and Kaspersky have quite a few customers just off my recommendations over the years. The enticement to Pure was just done badly, there was no mention of it being based on an earlier version of the software. If the detection engine in KIS2010 is the same as KIS2012 and just as effective then I have no problems at all. I'm just saying they should have made it plain and I would not have "upgraded", I suspect Kaspersky are trying to recoup development costs of Pure while it is still in development. Nothing wrong in that, I use CAD software that runs into thousands of GBP and they do this every release but at least you know where you stand. Ok, I'll quit complaining now except to say if I don't get my gadget back soon, "the boys" will be round to extract it forcibly Jeff.
  2. So where then is my gadget which like I said, I found a very useful "at a glance" indicator of something being wrong (or not). If it is based on KIS2011 then I still say it is not an upgrade if KIS2012 is current and if I had known that I'd have gone with KIS2012. Look, it's my fault, I got the annoying "you license is running out" box, then the "your license expires soon" email and just pressed the renew button without digging deeper, bet your life that won't happen next year. Jeff.
  3. Extremely annoyed too. The license renewal gave me a choice KIS 2011 (not 2012 and this is last night 24th June) or UPGRADE to Kaspersky pure. One could be forgiven for thinking "upgrade" means you are getting something better than you had previously. I'm not concerened about Pure being based on KIS2010, it will be updated to parity with KIS2012 nor losing the gadget which I found very useful. I'm annoyed that Kaspersky, a company I have trusted for many years, can do such a thing, it's sharp practice at best. It isn't an UPGRADE, it's an ALTERNATIVE based on older technology, probably rushed out of the door to claw back development costs. That's ok, makes sense to base it on trusted software, just be honest about it and don't mark it as an upgrade until it actually is. Jeff, annoyed my first post is a complaint.
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