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  1. I have what sounds like a similar problem and it affects both Firefox and Chrome. I'm running KIS2016 on Windows 8.1 with the latest Chrome v.46. When Safemoney launches the window has a yellow border and I get 2 pop-ups in succession. The first warns that the hardware does not support protection against screenshots and the second warns that Safemoney is disabled, even though it is enabled both inside and outside the safe zone - see attached picture. I have followed the instructions for clearing the Safemoney cache but it makes no difference.
  2. I've been running KIS 2013 with Windows 8 for a couple of months without problems. In the last few days two problems have cropped up. 1. I started finding that Metro apps were closing immediately after opening. Switching off KIS allowed them to open normally. After reading posts from people with similar problems I identified entries in the Restricted or Untrusted sections of Application Control that related to these apps. Marking the entries as Trusted seems to have fixed this problem for now. 2. Today I am getting problems with email. I have several different email accounts set up via Thunderbird, some POP3 and some IMAP. Most, possibly all, of them are throwing up invitations to add a security exemption because the site "attempts to identify itself with invalid information". When I look at the certificate details it says it was issued by "Kaspersky anti-virus personal root certificate" I haven't changed any of the settings recently and the same error is happening with several different mail providers. Disabling Mail Protection in Kaspersky makes no difference. Pausing Kaspersky's protection completely allows mail to be collected with no problem, as does switching off checking of encrypted connections. I tried clicking the button to "install certificate" in the Advanced...Network... section of KIS but this didn't help. I don't understand these mail certificates so I don't know where to look to trouble shoot. It looks to be a problem with Kaspersky and I wonder if it is related to the Metro App problem, since both have appeared about the same time. I also wonder if my temporarily switching off scanning of encrypted connection while I was trouble shooting the Metro problem may have caused the mail problem. I'm running a full updated Windows 8 Pro installation on a new PC, with KIS 2013 (e) and Thunderbird 17.02.
  3. I wanted to avoid that. Kies has been unreliable for me at the best of times. With KMS repeatedly restarting itself, freezing the phone and then force-stopping I think Kies was unlikely to work. fortunately I didn't have to try it as several hours of repeatedly restarting the phone eventually got me to a point where KMS would uninstall. This experience has reduced my opinion of Kaspersky. It looks like their app was incompatible with one of the most popular Android phones with the latest official OS (Galaxy S2 running Samsung's Android 4.04). This might be forgivable if KMS version 9 pre-dated 4.04 and it does sound as though they fixed the problem with version 10. However, Kaspersky then left the URL from the QR code pointing at the older version of the app. They should have either pointed the URL at the fixed version or taken you to a page warning about the problems with Android 4.04. I've been wary of scanning QR codes since the recent concern over malicious hash codes that can wipe a phone. This is one of the main reasons I decided to install KMS, thinking this would help protect me and that I could trust a QR code from a security company. Ironically the anti-malware program then rendered my phone unusable for most of a day and nearly made me have to wipe it myself.
  4. I recently bought a desktop version of Kaspersky Internet Security and in the box there was a leaflet offering a free 1 year subscription to KMS. I scanned the QR code and downloaded the program (version 9.4.130). When I tried to install the app it started ok and accepted the activation code. Then it went to a screen inviting me to activate it as a device administrator, but just afterwards my phone froze and then told me that KMS had crashed. Every time I restart the app the same thing happens. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 4.04 (Samsungs's version for UK SIM free devices). Belatedly I went to these forums and it appears version 9 has a problem with Android 4. I have downloaded the latest version (10.1.29) but I'm stuck. When I try to install this over the older version the installation hangs. If I try to uninstall version 9.4.130 the uninstallation hangs. Force closing the app from settings doesn't help. Rebooting my phone just brings me back to the same situation. Sometimes my phone freezes altogether and becomes unusable. I now have an unstable phone with a non-working security app. Please help me fix it. I don't want to get KMS working any more - I just want to get rid of it.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions. Rapport is web security software from my bank (not Barclays) that claims it works OK with antivirus software. I was aware that Kaspersky said it was incompatible, although I've used the two together for several years without a problem. Just in case, I tried uninstalling Rapport but this didn't help. I then added the Barclaycard Secure address to Trusted URLs in KIS and this has cured the problem. It is a https site and I don't have Scan Encrypted Connections configured, so I don't quite understand why KIS was interfering with it. Ideally I'd prefer not to have to "trust" the web site, but I guess an SSL site belonging to a major bank is going to be pretty low risk. I didn't find anyone else reporting this problem when I googled it. This surprises me, as Barclays give free copies of KIS to their online banking customers in the UK.
  6. I've just started using a new Mastercard from Barclaycard. When I tried to buy something online I got the usual Mastercard Securecode window, but none of the graphics loaded and it wouldn't accept my password. I had the same problem with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer on my own PC. Switching to my wife's Mac allowed me to complete the purchase normally. Later I was able to buy something else using Firefox on my own PC by temporarily disabling Kaspersky Internet Security, so I think KIS must be the cause. I'm using KIS on Windows XP SP3. Anti-banner is not enabled in KIS.
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