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  1. I am a Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) user for several years. I am quite happy using that product. Last year I moved to my new college and I found that they provide Kaspesky Endpoint Security (KES). Because I am a KIS user I am very happy when I found it. I installed it in my Windows 8 Enterprise (I installed KES 10). After several month using I found this KES is overprotective. As usual it blocks Java-based application's internet connection. I think this is very annoying because I am used to work in Java enviroment. I am not a common user that use Java as complement. In the other hand, this also block several Windows 8-based apps, especially apps that contain image on in. As example, I was using lock screen changer app, but it didn't work anymore since I installed KES 10. I also cannot see thumbnail of pictures when browse them using windows-8 based apps like native lock screen setting. The most annoying is KES didn't provide any reports regarding what it already blocked. So, that make me so confused at the first time. Now, I decide to not use KES 10 anymore. I hope it didn't change my decision continuing using KIS.
  2. I am Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 user. I have a problem regarding my Java application. It looks like Kaspersky is overprotective to those applications. I have installed Netbeans, Eclipse, and Android Development Tool (ADT). All of them based on Java. When my KIS 2013 running, I cannot do update on those applications or any Internet connection on those apps. But, when I pause or shut KIS 2013, those apps work well. I hope Kaspersky team can fix this issue. Anyway, I am using Windows 8.
  3. I want to fix my statement above. The problem that solve when I disable the startup feature is only conflict with IAANOTIF. But, the conflict with Java-based program which require JVM like Netbeans, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Data Modeler still occur. The Java-based program problem can be solved by turn off the KPM. Please help me to solve this problem so I can use KPM well. I am looking forward for the improvement of KPM.
  4. Continue my problem above. There is another problem that I experienced. The conflict with IAANOTIF.exe only happen when I enable 'Load Kaspersky Password Manager on Windows startup'. Then, I don't know what happen but I think it consumed my memory, my all Java-based program, like Netbeans, SQL Developer, warn that they cannot create JVM. But, when I disable 'Load Kaspersky Password Manager on Windows startup', the problems is solved. I use Windows XP SP3 and KPM
  5. Hi, I am Kaspersky Password Manager 5 user. After using for several day, I have found some problems. I found that Yahoo Messenger is hang when internet connection is drop. And when shutting down, appear notification that IAANOTIF.exe cannot end immediately.
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