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  1. Forgot to toggle the notification box- sorry! But I'd like to know if I will be able to trust 10 again, or what extenuating circumstances have caused this. I do not plan to use the rescue disk until some sort of explanation comes forth.
  2. I do not know if I should have started a new topic or not- sorry if so, but this seemed like a good place to jump in. Not just RAID- a few months ago, after running a scan and asked to exit, I sat and watched as the screen changed to filenames scrolling rapidly by. This did not look very well, and when it was over, the machine would not boot. "Bad or missing NTLDR". Examining the drive via another machine, I discovered that yes, all the data was gone. I was reluctant to use this tool again, but tried it on a retired machine. Worked fine. And again on several others. I then misplaced the disk. So today I decided to download and run it on another one, but while installing it I noticed at a certain point the display looked really odd, a band of smeared colors at the top of the screen. Instinct said stop, but I ran it anyway. This is a machine the owner had given up as hopelessly infected and ready for a reinstall, so I figured, go for it. It detected and deleted a few things.. when it was done, I exited the program, and instead of the usual dismounting process, I once again saw those colors and it hung. Uh-oh. And after that, the machine now bluescreens at any type of boot. I yanked the drive and fortunately all the data is still there, but I am a little curious and concerned about what looked like a promising repair tool now seems to be a bigger threat than what I was actually looking for. I am concerned about ever using it again. BTW, one machine was an Asus, the other a Dell- both XP Pro, fairly standard 2 - 3 yr. old hardware
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