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  1. ok completed as directed. attached Adware output txt. AdwCleaner_S2_.txt
  2. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...a6724863929f5f3 as indicated
  3. Per directions on Kunaki CD replication site, I have to disable virus protection during the upload of my project. I tell Kaspersky to pause for 3 hours but within half hour or so, Kaspersky is back running, so I have to continually monitor it and keep pausing it. Why?
  4. KIS2013 detected this, ran some special scan, supposedly fixed it, rebooted, and ran full scan again without detecting anything. Due to the severity of this potential identity-stealing infection, I'd like confirmation that I don't have to format this drive to make sure it is gone. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...752468ca73e22d3
  5. It is definitely KIS doing this. I deleted "v-amp design 2_01.exe" from the application list, and now the program will start, open up for a millisecond then close back down. It didn't do this before I deleted it from the app list; nothing happened. In the 'history' for this app, KIS recorded a series of 'application blocked' messages, so it is KIS doing this. How do I make it stop?
  6. I have an application "v-amp design 2_01.exe" that controls my guitar effect box via midi. I have had this app for years, and it is CRITICAL to operation of my recording studio, i.e., my source of income!! Suddenly, it would not run anymore; right clicking on the desktop icon SOMETIMES gives me a message that it can't find the path or that I don't have the correct permissions. What? I am the only User on this machine; it boots up without a password screen to my desktop. Since I need this thing to run, like it used to a few days ago, I found it listed in KIS applications as 'untrusted'. Since I had tried to do a reinstall, KIS had also identified the installer "v-amp2.exe" as 'untrusted'. I switched both of these back to 'trusted', but when I rebooted, both were again identified as 'untrusted'. Neither app will execute whether it is in the 'trusted' or 'untrusted' state. Questions: 1. Why is KIS suddenly identifying "v-amp design 2_01.exe" and "v-amp2.exe" as untrusted? 2. How do I undo whatever KIS did to my system so that I can run my program?
  7. What do you mean you can't help? I have moved over from Trend Micro and have this installed on a DAW (digital audio workstation). I can't have anything utilizing resources unless that something absolutely needs to utilize resources. Are you telling me there is no way (other than uninstall K and demand my money back) to make it stop digging thru the harddrive? Think about it. The hard drive is not infinite, therefore it should not take an infinite amount of time for K to do whatever K is doing. A finite task should take a finite amount of time. Therefore at some point my harddrive should stop clicking. Secondly, is this a problem that all K users are having? Or just a subset?
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