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  1. :cb_punk: An Update: After re-installing a lot of software, I tried to run Dungeon Defenders and it (Steam™ initiated I believe) downloaded some .net stuff. I also did a re-install of iTunes (that included a lot of drivers and browser plug-ins) which failed the first time due to a user caused error by selecting the wrong permission button and it took an extremely long time. Not sure if that added to my troubles. Afterwards, there were 500+ megs of additional Windows updates (also appeared to take a long time). I've applied these and so far, KIS hasn't complained upon restart. I removed my Start button emulator as well, just in case. Chances are something messed with the .net(s) on my system. I reinstalled KIS 2013 right before the last Windows updates and re-updated the virus definitions (after a couple of non-responsive KIS attempts, slow download?) and things seem to be back to normal. Although I am still curious as to what may have caused the issue, it's no longer dire. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. Hello, Every time I start or restart my PC (Win8 upgraded from Vista), KIS 2013 reports that the previous launch failed and collects and sends information which I allow. The following is additional information regarding my system: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...30be66b8cf12cf5 I used to get this every now and then. Before I upgraded to Win8, if I logged into Windows too quickly, I often had a chance of KIS not loading properly. Seems my system was very busy at boot time. Not sure if that's the same case now with Win8 since it's more or less still fresh.
  3. At long last, I have returned with an update. I did as many suggested here regarding contacting Support for an upgrade. I explained that version 4 was incompatible with Firefox 4, the browser I was currently using. The cause of my issue was (is?) that version 5 of KPM wasn't available in the USA at the time. I don't know why this was so, but it was. I was provided with a new license and link for version 5. I was happy and content. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back. I was advised by Firefox 4 to update to the latest version (v5) for security and stability reasons. I did so hoping that it would still work with KPM. Silly me. So now I await the next critical fix along with everyone else and limp along coaxing passwords and IDs out of KPM as I go. No more automation. Many of the sites (non-critical) I visit remember my IDs but not my passwords (some do the passwords as well) so it's not too bad. Many of these I've tried to explicitly tell them not to save any information yet they persist and refuse to work without cookies. As far as I know, I've deleted my cookies on those stubborn sites. Fortunately I don't access any of them from a public computer.
  4. I have filed another support ticket upon/with the advice of a Live Chat operator. I do not know if the ticket went through since I didn't receive a confirmation Email (for either ticket). For some reason, the human verification system seemed to think I was attacking it. Maybe I was idle too long while chatting?
  5. This is really strange. I just purchased KPM in the USA as well (presumably almost 2 months after this post I'm replying to) and I was given version 4. When I go to the Kaspersky website to download the latest version, I'm given version 4 again. Some links I've managed to find will actually give me a file that appears to be version 5 (http://www.kaspersky.com/kpm-latest-versions?downlink=206916012), yet some give version 4 (http://usa.kaspersky.com/files/?file=kpm〈=en). This does seem to be an issue with the USA download/sales site. I too have created a support request about this incorrect version but haven't specifically asked for version 5 activation (yet).
  6. Update: I'm trying a customer support request with my order number and a copy of this post. I will hope for the best.
  7. I have just purchased the Kaspersky Password Manager vis digital download (Digital River). I had received an Email last week from Kaspersky with a special offer. After researching for compatibility issues since I recently upgraded my web browsers to the latest versions, I decided to purchase. What I was given to download appears to be version 4 (kpm4.0.0.133en_us.exe) and not version 5 of the product. Since versions were not mentioned at the time of purchase, I had assumed I was getting the latest commercially available version, not an older incompatible version. How can I correct this issue? I have not installed at the time of this post.
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