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  1. I was having problems getting Password Manager to save a new password (our Yahoo email was hacked and I had to change the password). After I deleted the Yahoo login in PWM and had PWM reestablish the login correctly, it was constantly trying to revert to the old password. So I told it to not ask me again to change it. I deleted the whole account and was going to let it set it up again fresh. However, I can not unblock it on Yahoo.com. I have gone into all the settings in Pure 3.0 but find no switches for blocking a web site. I also tried to click on Block Password Manager item on the PWM icon dropdown but it just keeps asking me for the Master Password and does nothing. What am I missing?
  2. Does anyone know if Pure 3.0 works on Firefox 19 or 20? I'm on 18.0.2 now and it works fine but they are on 21.0 now and I hate to get too far behind.
  3. I have the same problem and reported it. They said it was a bug and would be fixed. You might want to report it to Technical Support as well to reinforce the problem. I also found that Pure 3.0 did not save changes to the database and reported that also.
  4. I can't change any password either from the Password Manager database or by typing the new password in the web site PW field. When I try to type it directly into the Password Manager, it looks ok but when I click Save and to back into the record, it is the previous password. Does anyone have any ideas? I am losing the small amount of hair that I have left. I am on Pure 3.0 latest release.
  5. I have found a solution to my problem of Password Manager not populating the login and password fields if you have multiple logons on Pure 3.0 running under Windows 8: Click the Kaspersky key at the top left or right of the browser page (it seems to switch) and click the logon there that you want to use. It's not as good as logging on from the popup but it's better than typing it in.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'll give these a try.
  7. The secure keyboard entry feature does not let me type in a capital letter in the password field (multiple logins don't populate the field so I must try to type it in). I tried to disable the keyboard feature but it asks for an Administrator Password. The problem is I never set one when I installed it. Now I can' make any changes. If 3.0 does not become functional soon, I will have to go back to 2.0. I am on Windows 8 which may be part of the problem given Microsoft's history. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  8. Did all of you who had problems rename the extension? I did the steps listed by mortz and it worked with no problems for me. I did it both on a Windows 7 and Windows 8 machine.
  9. We have four Yahoo mail accounts. When we go to the Yahoo mail logon screen the second time (it defaults the first time ok), Yahoo Mail Logon, PW Manager shows the list of our four accounts, but when we click on one it does not populate either the Yahoo ID or the Password fields. Again it is a 64 bit Windows 8 machine with a touch screen. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  10. I just updated to Pure 3.0 on a Windows 8 64 bit machine. It does the same in IE 10 and Firefox 19. The password manager lets me pick from the list of logons but does not populate the login and password fields. There are several plugins installed. Is there a separate plugin that allows the population of the fields? Has anyone else had this problem? I couldn't find any other posts with this problem.
  11. This is how I was able to use my 2.0 password database in 3.0. I also renamed my backup file from 2.0 to default.spdb in 3.0. edit: add quote tags, and snapback, too.
  12. Here is a copy of the post that enabled me to use my Pure 2.0 password file. I did go the extra step of renaming my backup file to default.spdb. Here is what I did: edit: add quote tags and snapback, too.
  13. See post from Jimmybell below. It explains how to use the 2.0 password database in 3.0.
  14. I just bought a new Windows 8 machine and installed Pure 3.0 on it. I can find no place to import or restore my Pure 2.0 password database. Can you please tell me now to do this?
  15. I just updated to because that is the version on the site where I purchased the Activation Key. Can I run the .150 installation program without having to pay again? If I have to pay again, which versions of Firefox does .148 work with?
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