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  1. I have had to move the servers i wished to manage to the top level server & create a seperate group so i can re-assign tasks. The suggestion i made is to be able to choose what is inherited at slave server level. All groups within slave server inherit all tasks without being able to prevent inheritence unless it is for the entire server. I want slave server to inherit the other tasks, but one group within that to not inherit.
  2. OK, thanks. I will have to move to a different server. Think being able to disable inheritence on groups within a slave server would be a useful feature. So default on slave server is to inherit policies and tasks, but create a group with only specified policies and tasks without any inheritence.
  3. Hi, I can see where policy profiles are on the policies for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (11.0.0). But my issue is for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition. I do not see policy profile section for this product.
  4. Hi, Sorry I should have included this! KSC version 10.5.1781 Task is a virus scan for FSEE
  5. Hi, I'm trying to disable or stop inheritence for a task, for a specific group on a slave server. I've got a daily scan task on the top level server that is distributed to 9 slave servers. On one of the slave servers i have a group that i wish to disable this task and create an additional one just for this group. On the top server if i go to 'Exclusions from task scope' I can only exclude managed groups that exist on the top level server - none of the groups on slave servers can be added. On the slave server i cannot edit the task. I need this task to exist for other groups on the slave server so cannot disable inheritence completely. Is this achievable? TIA
  6. Hi Thomas, No i do not have Lumension device manager. I had to google it to see what it was. Why do you ask? Would it have helped in this scenario?
  7. I have just finished with the PC and audio is now working. Initially I had these settings in registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Class \ {4d36e96c-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}] "Class" = "MEDIA" "UpperFilters" = "ksthunk klpnpflt" I had tried to delete the UpperFilters entry but it persisted after a reboot. I applied the patch and restarted. Did not edit registry. Checked registry again and now UpperFilters entry stated "klpnpflt" . Rebooted again and got user to log in and audio devices working once more.
  8. Hi, I have just spent 90 minutes trying to fix a PC with this issue. Finally stumbled across this thread (thanks to google. search was "audio error code 19"). I have created a support request in company portal. INC000009661277 Please provide the patch at earliest conveience. Thanks *EDIT* Support have sent me the patch within minutes of raising the request. will test and post back.
  9. I will see if it works any better by trying to whitelist the process, but everything else was working fine, just the KSN. However, if the text file did contain subnets it wouldn't have been such an issue. But it did not, and looking at the IP's it wasn't possible to subnet them down as the IP's within a range were not consecutive. There are text entries but again this was not clear that they are URL's. I attempted to reslove them but wasn't able to. Also the duplicate IP's would appear underneath several of the text entires. All in all, the formatting of the list i received was not very well thought out or formatted. Thought that if i pointed it out, it may prevent someone else from having to experience the same painful process to get it into a useable format.
  10. Text file received from support ticket containing IP adresses. You may want to point out that there are multiple duplications within it. Original file contained 793 rows of data. Some of which were text & some were blank rows. I had to trim it down. Ended up with only 164 unique IP addresses. Took a lot of effort to get it down to that. But have added thsi into the firewall and KSn is now working. Thanks
  11. Thanks, I have created the request on company portal. INC000009222353 Rob
  12. I am having issue in getting Kaspersky Security Centre to succesfully connect to KSN. If i go into Admin Server properties and click button, 'Check KSN Connection' - I receive error 'Connection to KSN has been terminated'. Using Watchgurad firewall on perimeter and HTTPS proxy rule to monitor traffic. I can see an entry from Admin Server connecting to Get an Access Denied error for protocol 'HTTP protocol over TLS SSL'. I have allowed this in the proxy rule, yet contiune to get the access denied. I can allow URL's & range of IP's but unable to find any info as to the details for KSN servers. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  13. Is this going to be implemented? I have heard nothing more since creating the request with CA. I have still not upgraded all my client PC's due to this feature.
  14. OK, I have submitted a request through CA. Will post back if there is anything to report. Thanks
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