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  1. i agree, many user if using Indihome (ISP in Indonesia) have issue. But VPN is temp solution Also, i have try to add and, but still corrupted. So i guest this just not DNS issue. additional info: This log from KTS indonesian version. (Berkas pembaruan rusak. Status:: Berkas pembaruan rusak. means update files are corrupted) log.txt
  2. hi, I just restarted my computer this morning, and I get that Kaspersky has gained patch c. i search at http://support.kaspersky.com/11422 and http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=325721 which i cant find patch c, so, may I know what fix in the patch c? thank you.
  3. hi, im using KTS when i change update > run mode : > setup update run mode : after application startup and try to reboot, shutdown - turn on again, and no update after KTS loading. GSI : https://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0599b1ac654f14b i also try to : device manager > network adapter > Atheros AR8152/8158 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) > power management and uncheck all. and uncheck disables schedule task while running on batt power. note: for manual update its work normally (success) thanks for any support.
  4. hi, is this a bug ? i have computer A and B in one subnet, for example computer A address computer B address i use deflaut setting KTS, i PING from computer B to computer A and the result is "time out" after change packet rules on computer A (settings > protection > firewall > configure packet rules > any incoming ICMP > edit, then change "code0" to code1 or code2 , and still blocked, and save. then computer B can ping to computer A, after it: please change back to code0, and viola you can always ping computer A from computer B and this still happening after computer A and B rebooted and changed IP, and of course if i have computer C i still can ping computer A. any idea to 'block' ping to computer A? note : Kaspersky Total Security 415( B ), no setting changed ex packet rules (code0 > code 1 / code 2) windows 8.1 x64 on computer A ; Windows 7 Starter on computer B thank you.
  5. hi, thanks for replay. this the number from Tech. Support. INC000003425425 Regards,
  6. hi Rodion Nagornov, hmm, i see. So, could I ask?, if that normal, why your developer make "the alarm" feature from your product is not ringing continuously?
  7. hi, i have asus zenfone 4 and zenfone 5. i install KIS on both device (the both devices running on android 4.3), but when i test enable alarm from web and sms its seems no sound, just only beep (from web management: just beep, sms: just beep), and the screen locked with password. zenfone 4 firmware : 4.3.11-20140804 zenfone 5 firmware : is this normal?
  8. Also, try change the update source to http://dnl-ru1.kaspersky-labs.com edit: Also,
  9. no, still error. i try download update from "kaspersky update utility" v 2, and work. but when i try update from KIS again, The same error occurs.
  10. KIS 2013 can't update, when i click manually "update now", update stop at 21%, after that Kaspersky say "obsolete" ... These report from KIS : updt.txt and these GSi : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...bb9a22&ms=0 sorry for bad english.
  11. Scren Shot : cdn.x.indowebster.com/download/82/p16rmu6oei6ngbkur6h33tsct4.jpg Error Message : See Attchment (.txt) GSI : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...d543f0&ms=0 trace : see attchment (.rar) suggestion : PATCH "C" to support URL ADV for firefox 12 sorry for my bad english. Dokumen_Teks_Baru.txt Kaspersky_Lab.rar
  12. how to change it? maybe because before install kis 2012, i use kis 2013 beta.?
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