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  1. Hi, I'm also observe this issue in one of our customer enviroment and with latest KES SP2 and KSC SP2 MR1. For me also reboot helps. Instead of reboot for me also stopping and runing again KES application on client works. GSI from client machine where this problem appear attached.
  2. Hello, On website there is plugin not for but for This plugin is not working for 6294
  3. KL team when other languages (polish, italian etc) will be realsed?
  4. There is April 4, 2016 Should be April 4, 2017
  5. Two weeks ago KSV LA 4.0 was relased and on the list of supported virtual environments there is Citrix XenServer 7.
  7. Hi, In KSC there is Software updates section in Advanced. There you can display updates for AO Kaspersky (you may use filter option) then on the list you will have KES MR3 ( You must change status to Approved for this update and all clients will update to MR3. After updating to MR3 clients will need system restart.
  8. When KES SP2 Beta 3 will be available?
  9. What patch is installed on both KSC?
  10. Hi Kirill Problem was resolved by creating new account using riprep. After reboot and login on new account agent installation was finished with sucess. I think it may be a problem with UAC. UAC slider per admin account was at the bootom but setup still show UAC window. After I created new account there was no UAC window.
  11. Hello, We are suggesting to add Full-text search by the Description column on the list of computers in administration groups. We have a customers which use Description colum and want to have text searching by the Description.
  12. Hello, I want to know if Full-text search by the Description column is available on the list of computers in administration groups? I can use text search only by the Name column. Maybe you can add this feature in KSC SP2 MR1?
  13. Using short path result is the same. I tried even creating package with patch B and run installation from short path. Still no result.
  14. Package is launched from C:\Users\local_admin\Downloads. Package is copied from KSC share and also I tried copying from other resource.