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  1. I also have problem with internet connection using this TR version on Windows 10 Pro Build 17763. Additionally I have a problems with downloading files. I cannot download whole file. When I disable KES downloading is working without problem.
  2. Hello, You can use network agent profile and set password for uninstall action of network agent there. For KES you can use KES profile and there you can find and set password protection for different actions or for all actions.
  3. Hello Oleg, Thank you. It will be usefull option if you add this in future versions. BTW I wonder this will work at the moment: According to docs rules are processing in following order: 1. Allowing or Denying rule. 2. Anti-phishing and anti-virus bases 3. KSN 4. Categories https://docs.s.kaspersky-labs.com/english/ks4ws_admin_guide_en.pdf To set blocking rule for all website in section "Web Control rules >Categorization" we select option "Apply rules for web traffic category control check". Then we remove selection from option "Allow access if the web page cannot be categorized" and we remove selection from all categories. Allowing or denying rules have higher priority than categories so to allow for access to specific websites we need to create rules in section "traffic security > rules list". I wonder if something like this will work at the moment?
  4. Hello, Is it possible using Web Control rules in Traffic Security component of KSWS 10.1 to define rules to allow only specified URL and rule for block all other URLs?
  5. Patch for Administration Server (patch_10_5_1781_server_a.zip) that must be installed on the device designated as the Administration Server. This component includes patches for Administration Console and Network Agent. So there is no need to install other patches on device with KSC server.
  6. At the moment I cannot reproduce the issue. It happend on Tuesday and then I turn off logs recording for that event. Today I turned logs recording again and there is no such errors. I will monitor the situation. Traces from KSWS when issue appear was gather and are avaliable here http://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/1564140---i02t.html
  7. Hello, We installed certificates from cert.zip according to advice from this INC000009363839 and now everything is OK. Plugin was installed and we can manage app. Thanks issue solved.
  8. Hello, I get Generic trust failure on Windows 10 build 17763.134 when i try to install plugin for KSWS 10.1.1? Any idea how to resolve this
  9. Hello, This server is my customer machine. He told me that there is no Dedup service.
  10. Hello, On Windows Server 2003 I see a lot of errors in the event viewer with the following details: GSI and KSWS traces are here http://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/1564140---i02t.html
  11. Hello, Why KES was removed from support page? https://support.kaspersky.com/kes10#
  12. Ivan, according to this article https://support.kaspersky.com/14615 KES is a patch for KES 11.0 which was relased yesterday.
  13. Hello, Just download KES11 installation package and unpack it. Then paste inside pf5xxx.msp file and go to KSC and create new installation package for Kaspersky application choosing *.kud file from upacked folder. Then you can remote install using this package. I tried this and it works for me.
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