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  1. actually, among the few basic softwares i've managed to install since the fress win10 first boot, i did had checkpoint installed as i had to use it urgently. will uninstall now, hopefully it will not limit me from reinstalling after the KES11 is working
  2. i get an error of klim6.sys_x64 the windows installation is almost new, just installed it around 2 weeks ago. the same error was with KES10 SP1 MR2 and SP2 and KES11. i've tried to use kavremover a few times using safe mode using -nodetect and it still shows this message when installing. the win10 is updated up to 1803 is there a solution for that?
  3. i will try and check with the client, it is just not normal to work like that and need to restart the workstation every day, it damages the workflow in an unbearable way. if he will agree to run again, i will reinstall the mr3 version and will wait for his update when this occurs again, then i will generate the traces you have requested and will upload the same way i have sent the GSI report. if there is anything at all you can do to find a fix to this problem even before i will work on generating the traces, please communicate it with me. i am sure we are not the only customers suffering from this problem.
  4. don't have anything at all since i have removed the installation and moved back to internet security for a while until finding a fix or until deciding what to do otherwise if you will not provide a solution.
  5. any update? this is a super big problem. the client is suffering and since this can't go on like this i'm re installing the internet security version which worked better. if we will not have any other choice the client will move to another anti virus company after working with kaspersky for so many years, that is such a shame to have that happen. waiting for a reply on the progress status and hopefully a solution.
  6. there isn't a definite screenshot since it is just that the internet connection suddenly dies as i have described very verbosely. it happens only on one computer which runs on win10. there is another computer with win10 but it is not in use at all. and i already sent the GSI when the error occured. the only thing i can add to the information i have already described is that i see the "system and compressed memory" process gets to a high memory usage when the problem happens. there was times that i have closed all internet explorer processes and the internet got back to work, but that didn't happen consistently. when the anti virus was removed everything worked fine. another guess that i have is that it is something in the integration with the network card\driver of the network card. of course before eliminating everything regarding the computer parts themselves i have updated all drivers to the latest ones. i do suspect that some process inside the kaspersky network driver causes this loop that does not allow such network flow until it gets reset somehow (in our case, restarting windows).
  7. the link to download the file itself is: https://we.tl/1Y7uGkTKVp sent you the password over private message in this file you will find a GSI report that i have created while the problem happened, so it was visible and there was an internet radio running and working but there was no emails or http access using 4 different browsers. than i have restarted windows and created the GSI report again when everything worked ok so this is the second GSI that you will have there. now i want to be clear, when there was the few days without the antivirus installed. the problem wasn't happening.
  8. i have updated one of my clients station to the latest MR3 version (of course also the latest network agent and the latest KSC is installed on the system), the problem is that every once in a while (about a day or two) his outlook (that have 2 pop3 and smtp accounts configured on) is prompting an error in send receive, this used to happen much much more on the old MR2 version but the MR3 didn't fixed that completely. if i exit kaspersky the problem fixes or if the windows is restarted. it can happen also when browsing in internet explorer that suddenly can't browse anywhere until exiting kaspersky or restarting. keep in mind that the client haven't reported that the internet explorer loosing connectivity happned on the MR3 release, but on the MR2 it used to happen. so we are left with the outlook issue every day or two. it might be that the internet explorer issue is still exist but it just don't get to that point that the problem can be seen or disturb since once the outlook problem happnes the client immidiately restarts because he works intensively with emails and he cannot afford not receiving emails. most of the time it is only one account that looses connectivity and the other account does not report error on send receive. but either way even on the secondary account once restart or kaspersky is down the problem is gone. i tried to leave him without anti virus for a short period of time (with directing him to be careful on his daily usage) and no problem accured at all, also while waiting for the MR3 release i have installed the KIS on its latest version as this version was compatible before the KES released. so that allowed to have anti virus on his station without having the problems he suffered from with the MR2 release. so.. what is going on? are there more fixes to the MR3 that i need to know about and maybe wait for? any patches? it is a windows 10 Pro 64Bit with outlook 2010.
  9. Hey Kaspersky, can you please please add a feature that whoever wants to add automatic signature that says something like "this email was scanned by Kaspersky...." it doesn't have to be mendatory but please have it optional to tick a little box in the mail module configuration so it will be added automatically to outgoing messages. (have an option to customize the signature can also be cool) this feature exist on very standard antivirus softwares out there and it is a shame no to have it in kaspersky. this is a very important feature to have as i want clients to be aware that each email that leaves the company is being scanned. thank you very much
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