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  1. With a fresh install with without any default setting changes I have also experienced this problem with the Chromecast.
  2. I am able to update the antivirus definitions and run a scan. I will send an email as suggested shortly and post what happens. Just for reference in case anyone else has a similar problem: Maker and Model of the phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone Operating System version: Android 4.1.2 KIS
  3. Good day. I have been trying to install Kaspersky Internet Security for Android with varying results. Starting fresh today, I downloaded the default version (11.1.3). With this version, I could see Kaspersky running via the status bar, but when I tried to go into the application, it would die/go away. I tried this via the icon on the status bar, and by trying to run the application directly. I also rebooted, but the results did not change. I saw similar results on a previous install earlier in the week. The next step today was to download 11.1.5. Results are better -- the application is running, I can enter the application, update the anti-virus database.... I activated a trial license and also registered the device through the application and have the device showing up on my devices on the my.kaspersky.com website. Unfortunately, when listing my devices, it shows "Anti-virus functionality is disabled" and when I go to "Lock, locate or manage device" it shows in the "Anti-Virus" section that protection is disabled (but databases up-to-date). For "Anti-Theft", the lock/alarm/mugshot/wipe are all "Unknown" status. I have activated the trial period. Going to Settings -> Anti-Theft it shows allowed commands for lock/mugshot/wipe/alarm. In the Web Management under Anti-Theft it shows for synchronization the expected time as "unknown" with the last synchronization is "you are using the trial version of the app. The wait time for synchronization is extended." Is there something I have missed in being able to see more on the anti-theft features? I am hoping that I can validate more functionality in the trial period, as at the moment the anti-theft is not enabled/functioning.
  4. As discussed in the earlier posts, ATT had blocked loading applications except through the Market (going so far as to removed the "Unknown Sources" option under "Application Settings"). I have read reviews of the newer phone, the Infuse -- ATT is allowing sources other than the Android Market for loading apps. Yes, sideloading appears to be allowed on the Infuse without having to root the device. I have not seen any changes on the horizon to previous devices such as the Captivate referenced in the original post, but I wanted to post this update in case it helps someone else. Given how long it took for them to support 2.2, I am not holding my breath for this change to be ported to the older phones. I have too much life left in my Captivate to switch just for this, but am happy that the option of downloading the latest version of KMS directly from Kaspersky (instead of the Market) should be simplified when I upgrade phones in the future.
  5. Thanks for the info regarding the differences in the versions. I have also asked the question of support, and was told that Kaspersky does support the software purchased through the Market, but that refunds would need to be pursued through the Market. Ok fine. The explanation of the differences in the previous post seem reasonable to me.
  6. I agree with Lapin that this would be bad to hear. Twice already in this thread there have been questions about how the version on the Android Market differed from the more costly version offered directly from Kaspersky, but there has been no response. I like KMS but am concerned if this is indeed the direction. As I am using an ATT Captivate that is blocked from installing applications outside of the formal market (unless one roots the device), there may not be a supported option to use the version directly from Kaspersky even if I wanted to pay the delta.
  7. I am using KMS 9.10.70 on an android phone... originally acquired through the market and upgraded a few times. I see that 9.10.73 was posted on the android market on 31May2011. Is there a reliable source of changes to the versions? As the last few have been small point releases it is possible that I would not have noticed subtle changes, but am curious as to knowing what changed before I apply the update. Support knowledge updates show 9.4.55 as the latest I could find.
  8. I now see a post from Viktor that it is available on the Market. Downloaded successfully!
  9. I appreciate the response. Unfortunately AT&T has removed the "Unknown Sources" option under "Application Settings" which is a pain. There are several references to this... here is one from a cnet review on the captivate http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/samsun...ml?tag=rvwBody] In particular, it includes the statement: "...but once again, AT&T has blocked the ability to install third-party apps on the Captivate by removing the Unknown sources option under Applications settings."
  10. Good day! I am interested in installing Kaspersky 9.0 on my AT&T Captivate rather than Lookout that AT&T has on their AppCenter on the Market. When I try to run the install, I get the dreaded message "Install Blocked. For security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not obtained from Android Market." Unfortunately I was hoping to not root my phone for this installation. Does Kaspersky have a procedure in place for installing KMS on the Captivates that are locked down in this fashion?
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