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  1. Management console language

    Hello, it's not for me...I will notify customer that there is no way to change it other than writing to Tech support from portal. https://ksos.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create Thank you!
  2. Hello, is there any way to change language of management console? Before sign-in there is link at bottom of page where is possible to change, but after sign-in language is reverted back to one before...and there is no more link to change language. br danijel
  3. KES Cloud upgrade

    Hi, mentioned article doesn't answer my question :(. Is there any other way to upgrade endpoints/agents on client PCs other then sending invitation (again) to every user (new or old) and manually download/install new version on every PC? BR, Danijel
  4. KES Cloud upgrade

    Hi, now we have Cloud version (I don't know earlier version) which has distribution NA 10.4.358 / KESfW Clients have NA 10.3.3008 / KESfW Is there a way to remotely/automatically upgrade clients? Thank you! Br, Danijel
  5. KES Cloud upgrade

    Hello, is there any kind of tutorial or recommended procedure for upgrading clients after upgrade of cloud infrastructure and releasing new client version? BR, Danijel
  6. Warning: There are unprocessed files

    Hello, I have same/simillar issue. Warning status for 3 PC in different gruops (from 17 total PC-s) are "There are unprocessed objects". I'm unable to reset that status (tried full scan, sometimes in past that was helping). KSC, agents and enpoints are latest version. For some computers status has gone after removing file(s) from Backup repository, but for some computers there is no files in any repository...
  7. Hello, I'm using beta ROM from Xiaomi.eu site for my test phone. Older ROM was scanned with result OK. For latest ROM KES (ver claims that it has threat HEUR:Trojan.AndroidOS.MTK.i in system app (/system/app/MiuiVideo/MiuiVideo.apk). Same verdict is from KIS for Android (latest from google store). I have contacted authors, they claim that it is false detection. I have scanned phone with Bitdefender and one more tool, both says that phone is clean. What can I do now?
  8. Info which is displayed some time now http://support.kaspersky.com/12392#block1 says before December, and that info I have forwarded to my (our) customers. At 30.10. ends beta2 test period, until then we have at least protection for initial W10 release, for TH2 we have nothing. What after 30.11.? Please, give us some good info. first info for commercial release was mid october, then it was changed to before december and now is before end of this year....
  9. Hi, until this post I have expected commercial release "before December 2015". Does this mean that relese is postponed again? My customers will kill me, and some are already ex customers . Danijel
  10. Ransom Ware Freespeechmail.org

    Hello, we have similar situation with one of our clients. How long needed Rahkni to decrypt file? I have no luck so far, it's runinng over 13 hours on set of doc files. Thanks, Danijel
  11. As it turn out, it's easier for customer to use old (2014) version rather then making Tech Support request. Hope that someone else will face same problem and have more patience and strength to fix this issue. I can't make test env because I don't have access to those web resources.
  12. Hello, one of our customers is using dektop PC (W7_64, IE11, KIS 2016) to access web pages on which they generate some documents (plain text documents). Documents shown in IE are OK, but after saving it (Save as .txt) it has some ekstra tekst on top. Pause of protection doesn't help. Version 2014 used until now was not causing such behaviour. Example of added text: (function() {window.klTabId_kis='ie_6820_0x78d40c4';})();(function () { var klTabIdEventName = "klTabId_kis"; if (document.createEvent) { var fireEvent = document.createEvent("Event"); fireEvent.initEvent(klTabIdEventName, true, true); window.dispatchEvent(fireEvent); } else if (document.createEventObject) { // Due to ie8 limitations (it doesn't support user custom events) // we use document.documentElement.klTabId_%PRODUCT% attribute for custom event emulation. // Incrementing this attribute emits 'propertychange' event, // for supporting ie8 you should attach 'propertychange' handler on document.documentElement // and skip all calls except then event.propertyName == klTabIdEventName if (document.documentElement[klTabIdEventName]) { document.documentElement[klTabIdEventName] = 1; } else { document.documentElement[klTabIdEventName]++; } } })(); Help Any suggestions?
  13. Yes, we have KIS and NA on the same machine . Reason - NA is installed because it's nice to have HW & SW repository from it. And KIS is here because of some testing and customer support purposes Thank You for reading my posts