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  1. Hello again! full GSI report with eventlogs can be downloaded from here this PC (and KSC) is for testing (no domain, no server OS,...)
  2. Hello, I have KSC 10.5.1781 with Total license which is still active I'm trying to create inst. package (3rd option, Select an app from KL database...), and I have try more than one, and result is always same "Failed to download the new installation ackage to the Administration server for remote installation. This operation requires a license for the feature Vuln. & Patch Management" What is that I'm doing wrong?
  3. Someone (admin) changed title. I'm not sure which version is: Windows Server Standard 2008 or Windows SBS Standard 2008 (SP1) and don't know if upgrade to SP2 will satisfy requirements for KSOS5 (or KSOS6)
  4. I have situation on customer side and if someone can look into GSI and answer me, is this OS supported by KSOS5 or not? Until now KSOS3 was installed, but removed because new activation codes are not valid with it. KSOS5 setup fails with message "Kaspersky Small Office Security -- Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008 x64 Edition Service Pack 2 or higher is required to install the application. " I don't have enough experience that can tell customer to install SP2 and be sure that KSOS5 will install after that. GSI can be downloaded from https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai25I7LzIRfAtyMJLWi6d53BMm8d
  5. Yes, this works. Is there a official article on KB for this maybe? So I can send link to our customers. thank you di
  6. Hm, more details in which direction? PC is with Win10 Pro, ver 1709, 16229.371 On PC is installed KES Cloud Endpoint latest possible version Windows update started to install latest Windows version 1803 and failed with message "Endpoint Security: Update to the latest version or uninstall to continue with setup" Possible solutions? If unistall is only way at the moment, will KES Cloud work after Windows upgrade and install again? I was confident that the update will not run on computers that do not have a flag that they are ready. KES Cloud is ready for Win 10 ver 1803 or not?
  7. Hello, what to do when you get this message? It says that Windows 10 was unable to install (update to Win 10 ver 1803).
  8. Hello, now this are right questions and help. It was policy problem. After removal of converted policy endpoint started to work normal. Policy was converted from KES 10 SP1 version. Thank you!
  9. Password protection is disabled on this PC with problem. I have made uninstall of version 10 and version 11 is still not running after install. Didn't try kavremover to remove vesion 10 and 11, maybe something from old installs is causing issue.
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