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  1. A bit more information - I have two separate "Accounts" running on this PC, and only one of them suffers from the problem. The account that shows the grey sheild in Firefox is the one in which I use Firefox's Password Manager with a Master Password. I've read somewhere that the Master Password can interfere with other things, so perhaps the Kaspersky Protection plugin is one of them. Perhaps unwisely, I went from KIS 2017 to KIS 2018 at the same time as I went from Firefox 57 to Firefox 58, but I assume Firefox 58 is the more likely cause of the trouble as I know that 58.0.0 kept assuring me that Google Search was insecure. When I'm working in the account which doesn't have any Firefox-saved passwords I get a green shield icon straight away on opening Firefox. I also get a green shield when I use Chrome as a browser - but Chrome doesn't offer me the Master Password protection that I have always enjoyed with Firefox.
  2. I've updated to KIS2018 and have tried to continue running Firefox 58.0.2, but I get adverts appearing (except when I'm using Safe Money, when the green shield icon does appear and does do its job). In normal Firefox the shield icon is grey rather than green, and when I click on it I get the attached unintelligible image. It looks as if it's asking me to set something, but I already have Private Browsing enabled, and Settings > Protection already says everything is "On", so is this just another problem with the new Firefox that Kaspersky hasn't yet designed a way round? The really amusing thing is that some of the adverts I'm getting are Kaspersky adverts! Presumably that's because I've been trying to find the answer using Online Help and elsewhere on the forum. Any suggestions? Bill
  3. Try C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP18.0.0\Data\Cert - that's where mine is in Windows 7 Home Premium
  4. Many thanks for an excellent response - you've not only offered an explanation for the discrepancy, you've even given me a way of protecting myself against the risk of your prediction (that I should still get the renewal discount) being incorrect. Just the sort of answer I was looking for!
  5. Today I had an e-mail from news@mail.kasperskymail.co.uk telling me that my 3-user licence expires in 7 days. Checking the "Manage License" tab tells me that I have "Remaining: 24 days". Is one of these in error, or is it the offer of 20% discount on renewal that expires in 7 days?
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I have no available slots for more RAM (768 MB installed), so have installed KIS In addition I have cleared my Temp files as you suggested, and increased my virtual memory size as suggested by my local computer store, but neither of these solved the original problem. Removing the Norton drivers proved impossible as Norton offer different tools for different versions, and I no longer know which OEM version was installed back in 2003. Similarly, Rapport was installed at the request of my bank (it does things KIS doesn't do, like warning of screen-grab attempts), so I've left that there. So far so good with the updates of KIS - Previously to KIS 2011 I had been running KIS 2009, so this 2010 version gives me the most appealing feature that I'd learned to love in KIS 2011 (Virtual Keyboard). By the time support for KIS 2010 runs out my PC will be virtually 10 years old and deserving to be pensioned off! Thanks again, Bill
  7. I unchecked proxy server as you indicated, and since then the system has done an automatic update, but still reports the same problem so I attach the details you requested. GetSystemInfo results Many thanks, Bill Update_Report.txt
  8. After every update over the last week I've had the same error report (see attachment). Looking back through the log I see that in the previous three weeks I had a lot of "unable to locate update source". Despite this, the system assures me it's quite happy. Do I need to do anything? Bill
  9. Many thanks Shukla10, I tried what you said and got the prompts you predicted, so I wonder why they didn't put the prompts in reverse order? I can see that someone might want to delete the backup file but still keep the report entry for reference, but who would want to delete the report entry while still keeping the backup file?
  10. According to http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2011/buy?qid=208282124: KAV 2011 migration terms A valid existing license is required in order to successfully migrate to the latest version. The original validity period of the current license is retained and is not affected by the migration process. If you have a valid license for products: KAV 2010, KAV 2009, KAV 7.0 - You can use your current activation code to migrate to KAV 2011.
  11. A couple of days ago, KIS 2011 intercepted a spam e-mail and quarantined it because of Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen. So far today, according to the Protection State Report, it has detected that file three times (each time it does a Critical Areas Scan after running Update). Although the Detected Threats tab allows me to highlight that quarantined file, it does not display a "Delete" option other than by Right-click, in which case there is a choice between "Delete from the List" and "Clear List". When I used Help to find out which did what, I read under "Working with quarantined objects" that the way to remove quarantined objects was "on the Detected threats tab select the object that needs to be removed. Right-click the object to open the context menu and select Delete from the list." When I follow these instructions I get a message saying "Do you really want to delete the report entry?", which gives the impression that it's only the report entry, not the quarantined file, that will be deleted. I can't find any mention of the "Clear List" option among the Help files, so perhaps the functions have been combined. Any demistifying guidance would be appreciated!
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