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  1. Hello, You confirmed me that database is corrupted when we can't make a upgrade through network ? Since how many time the problem occured ? Is there a workaround (I have an idea, but not sexy) regards
  2. Hello, Sorry for delay. Here below a link to updload files https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/4e54fd...06105418/5dd09d Regards
  3. Hello, Do you have a FTP or MFT to copy GSI report ? Mise is up to 17 Mb ? Regards
  4. I tried to deploy package by copy it on PC and execute setup : same problem.
  5. Hello, OS image is deploy from network. It's a master image from Dell Kace. For my test, Kaspersky is installed manually, not from Kace Regards
  6. Hello, The aim of my deployment is to deploy Kaspersky thanks to a master image (like SCCM), but with a up to date database. I don't want that all my new computer update more than 100MB database throught network. More over I have some PC that have no network access and I must deploy it with master image on USB stick and with an up to date Kasperky
  7. FYI, I made some new test. Requirement : My VM test machine has no access on Internet or can't contact KSC. Package is up to date (update database before creating standalone package) 1st test : I copied on my VM standalone package + all directory \KLSHARE\updates (store on temp folder) I installed KAV. on update configuration, I indicated path of temp folder. I launched update : no error. databases are up to date. KAV ready. 2nd test : I copied on my VM standalone package + Bases directory from KLSHARe\package\<package name>\standalone\Exec\Base (store on temp folder) I installed KAV. On update configuration, I indicated path of temp folder I launched update : it installed 10Mb and after bases corrupted with same error (can't translate ARK...) Thanks for your help Regads
  8. I tried to install MR3, with same result. Regards
  9. Hello, The update to repository failed due to "problem" on my firewall. Now I have the same problem (error message) when I deploy a autonomous package. I update database before creating my package. I deploy it but it indicated me that database is corrupted. Unfortunatelly, I can't make update neither on Kasperky Lab server nor KSC. It seems that when I install Kaspersky (KES 10 SP1 MR2), on my virtual machine (for test), temporary files is deleted before that Kaspersky recover its base. I don't know if I'm clear. Regards
  10. Bonjour, Désolé pour le retard. Du coup, oui, je fais une tâche de changement de serveur
  11. Hello, The exact buikd is 10.3.407 FYI, I delete task and recreate it, pb is the same. Regards
  12. Hello, Due to some problem to create standalone package with database up to date, I cleared update repository. After that, I tried to download update. Unfortunately, during download, there is some error "Failed to retranslate component 'ARK'" "Failed to retranslate component 'SW2'" "Failed to retranslate component 'KES10" "Failed to retranslate component 'KAV8WSEE" "Failed to retranslate component 'AKP8'" "Failed to retranslate component 'KAV12'" I don't know how to solve that. Admin server has full accesss on Internet. Now I can't create autonomous package with database up to date. could you help me about that please smockey
  13. Bonjour, Ta base de donnée c'est du SQL 2008R2 standard ? si c'est le cas je crois que ta version managment studio express ne fonctionnera pas. il te faut la SQL Managment studio (tu peux prendre la 2012, c'est compatible) De plus, tu dois te connecter en tant que admin dessus. bon courage smockey
  14. Bonjour, J'ai une console KSC10 sur un serveur 2012R2. J'ai déporté la console d'admin sur mon pc en local pour des simplification d'utilisation. depuis, lorsque je retourne sur le bureau de mon serveur, j'ai plein de fichier PNG avec le logo Kaspersky, et un nom ressemble à un ID (par ex : 03e8144e-02b1-4ae9-b7c5-50f3d3f0d56d.hdr.png) Question : - D'où cela provient-il - Comment s'en débarrasser ? Merci Smockey
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