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  1. try this http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208283098 or http://support.kaspersky.com/ak8/os?qid=208281471 best of luck
  2. error while installing: not a directory FRESH ISNTALLATION Admin kit version: ksc9.0.2786lite_en
  3. OK...... i like ur :rtfm: :supercool:
  4. will i be able to restore database my OLD database named "KAV" in SQL2000/2005 whose name is different
  5. But helmut all these setting were there before as well... this activex thing appeared just 2 weeks back....... is here anything else that could be done... anything
  6. Dear helmut i have read these FAQS but he issue i the sql 2005/2000 are up and running way before i configured kaspersky. SO their names cant be same obviously. and Kaspersky server and new databases cant reside on the same machine as hey are now (AK and Xpress2005 are on the same machine) main points are: > i want to migrae databse to SQL 2000/2005 which is on ANOTHER SERVER.And its been there before kaspersky so its name is different. > i want to keep the structure of my current setup.(i.e restoring database is crucial) > i cant change my kasperaky server machine... i.e having kaspersky server and SQL 2000/2005 on the same machine is not an option. thanks best regards
  7. dear Helmut ... cant uninstall ISA from this machine its not an option for me.... 100 clients are being managed by the server. sql server 2005 is running in the enviornment.... CAN YoU PLZ SEND ME THE LINK FOR "HOWTO UPGRADE ADMIN KIT" & why you want me to use Xpress 2005?
  8. Here is the GSI report of the system..... GetSystemInfo_MAHMOOD_Administrator_2011_08_10_14_24_41.zip
  9. Yes it has started updating (I dont know how but it did yesterday ) And yes this error (attachs snap shot) was popped up before but then it all get settled.......but without active X controls its very difficult to work around...as you can see ADmin kit very unintersting and boring in this snap.. i got that error about active X but i did not took the snap shot of it.. thanks
  10. AK 8.0.2163...... without active X the Ak was working fine but then suddenly 2 weeks before it stopped updating... i cleared he repository as suggested by you BUT then when i tried to UPdate it an ERROR popped up which i have ATTACHED...
  11. HELMUT its not working!!!!!! same issue ... is there anyother way???
  12. Check whether the TIME and DATE of your server are Correct.........
  13. NFR key file is not for commercial use or purchase. It activates Kaspersky Lab program products, for their further use during the definite period of time NFR key file is valid during: 1 year 2 years Any period (during Kaspersky Lab special actions) Users of NFR key files have the right for full technical support provided by Kaspersky Lab: either by phone or via the HelpDesk form. When NFR key file expires Kaspersky Anti-Virus will go on its work but it will not update the antivirus
  14. Guys i have a problem.......My administration kits is not updating for he last 2 weeks and hence all PCs ar unable to update because they GET updates from the ADMIN SERVER........U have cleared the Repository and its still not working,,, I HAVE ATTACHED THE IMAGE OF ERROR ....ANY IDEA how can i get over it?? ADMIN kit version is 8...
  15. after backing up the server...Do i have to uninstall AK and then install it again by selecting the NEW DATABASE and after the completion of installqtion Restore the OLD backup or ELSE? Thanks
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