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  1. i am from malaysia.... and there is no retail amazon store here, if i purchase the license,can i use the license?
  2. yes,you can see this... the screenshot i had taken after i modify kaspersky on control panel and after reboot... but,it still show red colour??
  3. what do you mean by "different skin".. do you mean,different background??
  4. this is my problem.... as you can see,the antivirus is just updated,but why the database status still in red in colour?? attachment edit: attach snip.
  5. yet,i had compressed it into zip folder,but the problem is still occur.... how can i solved my problem if i can't post the attachment?isn't??
  6. then,when i try yo upload something...it said... "Upload failed. The file was larger than the available space"
  7. hye,if i had a computer problem... then,i need proves such print screen..... but,when i want to upload the result,in this forum,it only give 300KB for attachment... so,what can i do if i want to upload the attachment??
  8. i dun know if it cause by pure or maybe by tune up utilities! btw,do u see any problem with my pc??
  9. my gsi the problem is,i can't open any music or video file in wmp and also windows media center....why???
  10. hallo,last a few days,my internet explorer 9 disappeared...... only the ie without any add-ons tha;t still there....... my question is...why that problem happen and what the solution.. i want to use the internet explorer 9!!! can anyone check my pc for problem that cause the disappearence of the ie9???? help me please!!! my GSI
  11. what is the standard format for rescue file system in antivirus software?? give me the answer based on this _ _ O, so what do you think the first two words,help me please!!
  12. what is the standard format for rescue file system in antivirus software?? give me the answer based on this _ _ O, so what do you think the first two words,help me please!!
  13. hallo,i want to ask you,what happen to my laptop really?? my GSI when i try to open microsoft office,it said that "you have no enough memory".... but when i look at my hard disc,it still have about 77GB free...why??
  14. halo,i have two license,one PURE and one more avira premium security suite, i instal, the avira for my antivirus, my question is,can i just install the password manager,not along with PURE, is't the license valid if i just install password manager version 5??? or i need to install along with PURE??
  15. halo,today,i want to start a new topic about detection...... you can refer to this link URL my question is,why on the video,when it open the link like "http://kaemmer-net.de/",the beta version will detect it as contain trojan, but the problem is,when i test the link on my own,can you believe it........that's PURE doesn't detect even notice that the site is malicious!!! WHY!!!is it Pure use older detection engine???as i know,Pure is better than IS,even i had set the web antivirus to high level! anyone has idea??????if this happen again,i don't kow what to say,maybe who using PURE for this time is opened to malicious site!!! PURE/KASPERSKY!!!Please solve this problem!!!I use Pure version,and that's the newest version of PURE,what happen really??? edit: del 2012 - Beta review youtube link.
  16. hi,in my opinion,when i look at your GSI report,there is a symptom that your pc was infected by malware(maybe)..... apart from that,there is unknown,that's mean the program is not recognise by the kaspersky....... i think you can send a pm to richbuff(moderator) and ask him for advise......
  17. what's type of email did you use? if you use yahoo,yet,it does not support IMAP or POP, so i think,that's the problem,really,yahoo cannot support outlook and if you still want to use this service on outlook,you have to upgrade your yahoo account to PLUS package,and then,you can configure it for outlook, if you use gmail,i think there will no problem occur because gmail does support IMAP and POP to use it with outlook for free....... so now,i suggest,if you want to use outlook for your email,just create an account at google........ that's what i can help now............
  18. i hope in next pure release,there will be online backup service, norton,titanium,panda security had their own online backup, why kaspersky"the best antivirus" do not have?? i hope so....
  19. no,the problem is solved,thank you richbuff for your patience......
  20. oh,about's that file,yes,i had check the box to not copy updates on dekstop,and the problem is solved. i mean,when you see my gsi report,is there anything problem occurs,because it said "red"....why???
  21. can you translate it into english............ i think it would be much better for us to understand your problem..... and we can solve it together............
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