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  1. Hi I have some systems that have installed and when I try to uninstall it is asking for password for KLadmin account. I do not know what that is. The server that had this version installed has been removed and so I think it is looking for it, but since can't find it I can't uninstall it. Would I be able to upgrade to latest version first, then uninstall or will it still be looking for that password?
  2. Fatal Error 1603

    Wow Finally got it. Replaced the gpt.ini in c:\windows\system32\grouppolicy folder and rebooted. Now it installed. thanks for the help.
  3. Fatal Error 1603

    Enabled Windows defender. Did the Junction steps. Still fails http://www.filedropper.com/gsi6lgeres-pcmzup07202017090331 junction.docx
  4. Fatal Error 1603

    Yes it was. I have done everything you wanted me to do the way you wanted it done. Am I at the highest support level here? I got 4 system that does this. I am surprised no other company has never had this issue.
  5. Fatal Error 1603

    Yes Defender is disabled and we have 4 systems with this issue.
  6. Fatal Error 1603

    Did it. Still failed. Here another GSI log. http://www.filedropper.com/gsi6lgeres-pcmzup07182017125616
  7. Fatal Error 1603

    Don't know why you guys won't believe me that there is nothing installed as of now on this system for KAV. klif.sys.docx
  8. Fatal Error 1603

    As I showed in screen shot earlier there are no drivers in drivers folder. This is all that shows in there for any file starting with K The remover ran through without issue and said completed and to reboot. All is being done locally.
  9. Fatal Error 1603

    kavremvr 2017-07-17 10-40-36 (pid 2056).log
  10. Fatal Error 1603

  11. Fatal Error 1603

    there were drivers cause I had the agent installed. I just uninstalled the agent and checked the drivers folders as seen in the attached there is nothing there now. Yet I still cannot install KAV. drivers.docx
  12. Fatal Error 1603

    did it. failed again.
  13. Fatal Error 1603

  14. Fatal Error 1603

    OK Did it. Installed agent without issue as usual. The Antivirus part still fails.