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  1. Ok, grazie! Però è un pò nebulosa come cosa. Non è che sia molto chiaro il meccanismo. Di solito, se un prodotto è free, non dovrebbe avere scadenza. A proposito: anche per la versione free l'aggiornamento alla nuova build avverrà tramite gli aggiornamenti automatici o bisognerà installarla ex novo?
  2. i've installed Kaspersky Free, and it says license will be expire in 365 days. Why? Isn't a free product? Why this expiration date? At expiration, it automatically renew for another year?
  3. Salve a tutti. Ho installato la versione free di Kaspersky, e mi dice che la licenza gratuita è valida per 366 giorni. Significa che al termine dovrò reinstallarlo di nuovo, oppure la licenza si rinnoverà automaticamente? Scusate il doppio post, non so come sia successo.
  4. I have resolved. Disabling Ad Guard resolved the issue. Now it works even with IE and Edge.
  5. KTS, patch B on W10 x64. Only Google result unreachable. Any other site works, with scan encrypted connections enabled with IE and Edge.
  6. Not working. Google works only with encrypted scan disabled, with IE and Edge. No issues with FF. Any other workaround? I don't think that GSI need. It's not my fault.
  7. As title: when the encrypted connections scan is enabled, Google became unreachable. Even in Edge. With Firefox, Google works. Disabling encrypted connections scan makes Google working again with IE and Edge. How can i do for avoiding disabling this useful option?
  8. This does not want to be a loop.I just wondered why the opinions are conflicting,.Kaspersky site says a thing, you said another. that's all.
  9. and the words "An unused activation code can be activated at ANY TIME, but the license will begin to expire on the day of initial activation."? ANY TIME isn't true? read at point 5: http://support.kaspersky.com/9731#block4
  10. can you explain me better?pretty much how?no expiration?i could activate it when i want?even in 2020?
  11. as title: what is the validity period of an activation code still not activated, for example, Kaspersky 2013? Can i use it when I want to, for further editions, or have an expiry date?Here it says "An unused activation code can be activated at any time" It is real? http://support.kaspersky.com/9731#block4 Thanks.
  12. resolved installing Comodo Firewall Free.now created blocking rules of Comodo works with KAV.
  13. the only FW that works with KAV and his port 80,for me,is Outpost Pro.Private Firewall,not works.Online Armor free crash with it,Zone Alarm makes my pc like a crawl with KAV.WF is the only FW that i liked to use.
  14. ok,thanks.but KAV should be able to make WF works properly.why this issue with WF? there is a trick to avoid to disable port 80 for making WF works properly?
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