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  1. Hi there, my environment: Security Center 9 running on a Windows 2003 Standard SP2 32bits. Clients are using Windows 7 professional 32bits or windows 2003 standard SP2. Kaspersky version: Kaspersky endpoint Security 8 The issue: I don´t know why but the patches a, b, c, d only installed on some of that clients. Last friday I build a installation package and installed on a server(win2003), today I checked the version of Kaspersky: (a.b.c.d). Today I installed the SAME package on a server with same version of win2003, and the version says only After seeing the same issue on a client with windows 7, I deleted and redownloaded all the updates on SC9 and tried updating... Same thing. After that I did a report using that procedure: Open the Administration Console and proceed to the Reports and notifications. Generate a Report on Kaspersky Lab software versions. You should add the Updates installed field in the Detail fields section beforehand. And then I found out A LOT of clients don´t have the a,b,c,d patches. Running update manually doesn´t solve a thing. My problem is: my new license need those patches or it doesn´t install. I still have a valid key, but it will expire in the end of the month. Any tips on how to solve that? Thanks.
  2. I´m having the same issue trying to install CS10 on a DC with windows 2003 server(standard edition SP2) I tried to transfer the PDC emulator role, but didn´t solve the issue. Anyone has any other method to solve this?
  3. Hi guys. Im having a silimar problem. I can wake the computer with the WakeOnLanGui software or using the task "wake on computer" on Administration Kit. But if I schedule, for example, the update virus database with the option "Activate computer before the task is launched...", nothing happens. Anyone know what can I do?
  4. The only way to solve that is disabling the service? There´s no "exclusion list" or something similar? Here we have an internal software that we update sometimes and Kaspersky always ask about it.
  5. The same client with "unprocessed objects" is displaying that status after some virus was found on scan. I tried the same thing(update policies, force sincronization) but no good this time. What agent you mean? Uncheck "unprocessed objects" on report and storages ?
  6. Few minutes after posting this both clients become green on AdmKit(they had that status since yesterday). I have clicked on "update the list of policies" and forced syncronization. I guess that must have solved the issue. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi, we just started using Kaspersky here, and I have some questions: - I have a client that´s listing on the AdmKit as "there are unprocessed objects". I already checked on the client and it doesnt show anything, on repositories -> unprocessed files theres nothing too. How to clean/reset that info on that particular client? - on repositories -> backup there are some files listing there that I removed manually on the client(not the same from above). After that I tried deleting the files on AdmKit, but it stays there with current action "deleting" showing. Anyway I can clean that list? Thanks in advance.
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