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  1. Thanks Berny - have just found the password reset tool and have run that in safe mode, and been able to reset and re-enter my password.
  2. Just noticed some irritating notifications this morning encouraging me to use the secure browser (you have 0 bytes of secure traffic........). My assumption is some update has just taken place - i'm on However, when I went into the settings to try and work out how to turn the new notifications off, it came back with invalid password. The password I use for KIS is one I've used for a while, and I use the same password for KIS on my wife's machine which is running and I can get into the settings OK on that. Any ideas? If I try and uninstall it, it prompts for the password of course! Thanks.
  3. Seems to have sorted itself out when I powered my machine up this morning, but thanks anyway.
  4. Just noticed my IE11 has slowed to a crawl (it was OK a few hours ago). It takes about 30-40 seconds to bring up pages such as Google home. If I turn off KIS temporarily, it's back to normal. Turn it back on, and it slows down to a crawl again. It's OK on Firefox running on the same machine. Have tried turning off the KIS add-ons in IE, machine reboot etc. but nothing seems to be fixing it. Anyone having the same problem?
  5. I just opened up windows update from the control panel, and there is an option bottom left "installed updates". You will find the IE10 update in the subsection Microsoft Windows along with hundreds of other updates. Select, right click and uninstall it which will roll you back to IE9. As far as I can see on our machines, once uninstalled in this way, it doesn't seem to re-install automatically so hopefully they can stay in this state until Kaspersky sort out the problems.
  6. In view of the other issues posted around 2013 and IE10, I decided to roll back to IE9 until this all gets sorted, and that seems to have resolved the problem. When I checked windows update afterwards, it now flags IE10 as an OPTIONAL update (pretty sure it was listed as IMPORTANT when I put it on yesterday!). Just checked my dad's machine and he has somehow ended up with IE10 too even though he has previously declined the offer to update.
  7. Hi Patty - if you look at http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=261741 it looks like even a failed install of IE10 causes problems with KIS 2012, so I suppose it's possible just having it installed could be causing issues. Best way to find out is wind one back to IE9 I guess. edit: linked directly to the instructions.
  8. I have just been working on a similar issue yesterday/today. KIS 2012 on Win7 64, and SEVERE delay on bootup, but nothing hogging CPU and no clues at all as to what was causing it. It is my wife's machine and she thinks it deteriorated sharply on Sunday 12th. I ended up doing a system restore to an early date in April which sorted the issue immediately. I then ran windows update and it re-installed security update KB2840149. Ok at that point (KB2840149 was originally installed 24th April so was unlikely to be the cause). I then decided I'd put IE10 on it. Initially it looked OK for the first boot or two, then booted really slowly again. Dug a bit further and I have established from windows update history that I have two failed IE10 update attempts flagged on 12th an 13th with an error Code 9C59. With reference to another similar post from a frustrated KIS 2012 user, I turned off system watcher and it seems to resolve the problem. So it kinda looks like IE10 and KIS 2012 don't get on very well. I'm going to install KIS 2013 shortly and see if that sorts it.
  9. Thanks for the reply Rich, but it looks like this is actually a hardware issue. The machine has started reporting unpleasant sounding disk controller errors since I first looked at it (bit disappointing since the machine was new in September). So its a warranty call to the folks at HP tomorrow. I will check your recommendations anyway - when I've rebuilt it with new hard disk! :angry:
  10. Quick bit of advice which may or may not be anything to do with KIS. A relative of mine has a Win7 machine running KIS 2012. Over the last week he has noticed some odd behaviour where it will freeze for maybe 30 seconds - 1 minute and then recover but its intermittent and he's not a high user so its difficult to pin down how frequently it actually occurs. Virus scan hasn't identified anything. I had a quick look the other night and it did it briefly to me too. I was just typing into the main search window on Google using IE9 and it froze. Had task manager running so flipped briefly to that and saw no obvious process jumping in, and resources hardly used. Looked as if task manager then stopped updating for a few seconds before it all recovered. I asked him to try Chrome for a day or two just to see if it was an IE9 issue and it has done the same today. I'm going to take another look and do the following checks but I wondered if anyone had any other good ideas of things to do to diagnose: >Check windows event logs >Make sure windows Defender is still disabled (did this when I installed KIS) >See if there is a restore point which might indicate something has changed/been installed around the time >Start disabling components/services until I can get it stable again >Maybe run a memory check on it (nearly new machine so fault unlikely) >Dump the system info out TIA, Midge
  11. Thanks - no, I hadn't come across the site, but I did turn up a Crucial 1G used DIMM on ebay the other day myself, so that is on its way to me. I'll bear this in mind for any other upgrades I do though - they seem reasonably priced.
  12. And the news is that it did go unstable again starting the following morning, so looking strongly like the DIMM eventhough I can't get it to fail Memtest. I'm now back on the 256M while I source a replacement. Thanks again to everyone who offered suggestions/help. Midge.
  13. Thanks for the ideas guys. One thing we have established is it tends to occur reasonably quickly after boot, (though there have been a small number of exceptions to this such as a couple BSOD on shutdown). So if it survives the first 10 minutes, there is every chance it will run for hours. This tends to point away from an overheat (it's pretty spotless inside for an older machine). At the moment, attention is focusing on the 1G DIMM which was probably the last change to the machine prior to PURE going on. Eventhough it passes Memtest OK, I've had the old 256M DIMM running in its place since yesterday. The machine runs terribly slowly as you'd expect, but it was totally stable throughout the time it was in and I must have restarted it from cold a dozen times. I've just fitted the 1G back in to see whether it goes unstable again. Midge.
  14. It's very difficult to draw a firm conclusion with an intermittent issue like this, but it is looking like the problem is pretty much proven not to be ANYTHING to do with Kaspersky. I uninstalled PURE and ran the removal tool too last weekend, and found that I didn't have a spare licence to re-install KIS2009 which is what was running before the upgrade. So I then installed Microsoft Security Essentials so there was some basic protection on there whilst I did a bit of testing each day this week. During this week, I've had one situation where IE has got screwed up (as opposed to going unresponsive) , and a couple of occasions where MSE has had to close down which got me wondering whether PURE wasn't at fault. However, there was no serious instability/blue screening to be pretty certain about that - until this morning! I've just had two blue screens within minutes of each other - different to those previously seen and posted on this thread. One on a normal shutdown and the other when using IE. This time they were 0x0000000A irql_not_less_or_equal, which Microsoft and other postings suggest is incompatible hardware or device driver. So even though I'm struggling to get to the bottom of what this problem is since the machine can run happily for days, the total lack of Kaspersky products means I have to be looking at some intermittent fault on the machine that just happens to have occured within a couple of days of PURE being installed. The incompatible products detected by GSI were obviously a red-herring. So thanks for the help on this, and if I ever get to the root cause, I'll post up my findings. Midge
  15. ........but unfortunately it didn't last! The following day on power up, my dad had a repeat of the original problem. IE went unresponsive and he couldn't reload IE and so rebooted. Registry was then stuffed again! I've just set my Dad up with my spare machine so I should be able to monitor and diagnose it better when I get it back to my house. My intention is to uninstall PURE and stick KIS2009 back on to see if stabilises. At least that way I can prove categorically that the issue is a Kaspersky one. One question I do have and that is whether PURE needs to be re-installed now that the potentially conflicting software has been removed? i.e. could the conflict have corrupted something so just removing the offending software is not enough? Thanks.
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