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  1. I keep getting site warnings about invalid certificates or certificate out of date or cant guarantee domain . it is driving me nuts. The message says you can continue but cant guarantee certificates or close or get details or get detail or continue for 30 minutes without checking. Did not have this with kis 2015 Now with kis 2016 I keep getting this How do I stop this Should I check do not scan encrypted connections Again this did not happen in kis 2015
  2. so am i protected while waiting for icon to appear. Is it normal to still get into ie 9 while waiting for icon to appear. I was reading on web there was a patch g and some people were able to downlead a test virus before icon appeared Do i have patch g I have acassembler.dll
  3. why does it take at least 2 minutes for the kis 2013 icon to appear at startup on windows 7 64 bit. I dont see icon but i can actually get into ie9. Aboutt 2 minutes later icon appears. Am i still protected if icon is not showing up yet or am i not protected have version kis i have concede resources at startup unchecked
  4. Is it safe to have idle scan and perform rockit scan options in general setting disabled or should I have it enabled. Once a week I do a full scan with no other activity running, so do I need to have idle scan enabled. How many people have idle scan eand rockit scan enabled and finally what happens if I have rockit scan enabled but idle scan disabled. I have latest version kis 2012
  5. Could idle scan and rerform rockit scan options which is checked in general settings in kaspersky 2012 internet security cause random reboots. using win7 64 bit I was getting random reboots starting may 2012 every few says, when system was in ilde or screensaver working and once when i started a program. The event error code was 41 kernel power(System rebooted without proper shutdown) and no dump file created. Checked hardware (not power supply)no errors, no virsuses, no software issue. Reinstalled kis and still same problem. Ms Support could not find problem. For months there was no problem, I tried one last thing by unchecking idle scan and rockit scan in general settings. Now I the problem has not occured in 3 days sin uncheckin these options as I let my computer go for hours. Is there a problem with this idle scan. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. . just curiou,s on kaspersky website 2012 is not advertised for sale Is this because current registered uses get it first as this is a test before it goes on market. What is the major difference between 2011 and 2012
  7. should I use the special kaspersky removal tool or use the control pannel with- add /delete program. If I use the special tool can i leave my year activation data. I do have the removal tool Aalready downloaded.
  8. I have internet security/anitvirus 2011, the latest edition. My license expires in 181 days (6 months). Should I download kaspersky internet security/antivirus 2012 now or wait a month or two. I am entitled to 2012 since my license is not expiring. I hear there are some problems with kaspersky internet security/antivirus 2012. What is the bottom line on version 2012
  9. does Kav still protect you vs I want to keep 125 version so I can keep free zonealarm 6.xx and spyware doctor. Maybe later I will upgrade to kaspersky internet security as I renewed my kav license 2 months ago and I cant affort to spend the money right now. Has anybody used free zone alarm 6.xx and spyware doctor with the new kav version without any problems. I know you have to first install kav first then the free zonealarm 6.xx and spyware doctor. I know there are no problems with kav , but I dont know if kav works with with free zonealerm 6.xx since it has this mp1
  10. I have free zonealarm 6.1 and spyware doctor working with kav with no problems. I unstalled kav so I can upgrade to kav I got a message that I have to unisntall spyware doctor and zonealarm. I have 10 months left on my kav, so I just reinstalled and maybe a few months from now I will buy kaspersky internet security. In the meantime kav works perfectly with any version of free zonealarm 6.xx. KAV will install with no problems even if free zonealarm 6.xx is already installed. Kav will not., even with zonealarm 6.xx One other option uninstall zonealarm and install the latest kav 7 and then install free zonealarm version 6.xx only. It should work but I have not tried this
  11. If I decide I want to try kaspersky internet security and download the trial version what happens to my current paid kaspersky antivirus license which was renewed in jan and has 10 months left. If I decide to purchase kaspersky internet security how much more do I have to pay since I already have a paid license for kav version 7 and what happens to my kav license. I am totally confused about the upgrade from kaspersky antivirus to the trial or purchasing the internet security package(which has kav already in it), the licenses and the cost. do I get discount from going kav only to internet securtiy
  12. Should I upgrade my kav7 to kaspersky internet security ver 7 and how good and easy to use is kaspersky internet security vs other firewalls. Right now I am using free version of zonealarm 6.1.744 and spyware doctor and I dont want to keep uninstalling zonealarm and spyware doctor every time I update kav version 7 or reinstall kav version 7. Is it as easy to use as zonealarm I am using xp sp2 not vista.
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