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  1. Holy crap, I recovered my data! I was able to grab it off the second drive in the RAID1 config. Once I get my machine fully restored, I'll come back here and relay all the details.
  2. I'm in the process of attempting to recover from a RAID 1 config that was wiped out by the Kasp Rescue Disk. When I'm done, or have exhausted all options, I'll report back to this group. It may take a couple days.
  3. I just wanted to add that the reason this thread appears disjointed is because the moderator merged three separate threads into one. In my first post above, which was initially the start of a different thread, I didn't realize that the problem with data lose was due the RescueDisk's interaction with the RAID. I still need help in how to recover the RAID, if that is possible.
  4. I'm using Kaspersky Rescue Disk v10.0.23.29. I've used it on my XP machine many times without problem. I used it on a Vista machine. Ran the scan. No malware found. I exited Kasp and I then selected "Restart Computer", at which point linux began to shut down, and the hard drive began grinding a little bit too much. However, after a few minutes, the machine rebooted, at which point I was presented with the lovely "BOOTMGR is missing" error. Further investigation determined that while the partitions were still in place, almost every single damn file and folder on the hard drive was deleted, with the sole exception of the "System Volume Information" directories in each partition and the MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase files within those directories. Unexpected and disappointing, to say the least. Can anyone tell me what happened?
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