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  1. I use kuup for kts17.0.0.611(e), but the kiscfg is fail. I check the update.xml. The kiscfg is exile.
  2. Or you can download updater.xml 或者下載update.xml
  3. It's possable update KIS16 (KIS2016) with Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 . Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 可以支援KIS16 (KIS2016)更新 Close Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 and use the notepad open updater.xml, 關閉Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0,然後使用筆記本開啟updater.xml。 found 找到 <element> <name>KasperskyInternetSecurrity_15_0</name> <version>15.0.[0.463, 1.415, 2.*]</version> <component>SUPD;ADBU;AH;APU;BB;BLST2;CORE;HIPS2;INFO;KAV15;KFPE;KDB;EMU;ARK;VLNS;QSCAN; KHSE;KSN;PARCTL;PAS5;SCO;SSA;SW2;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;WA;WMUF</component> <tree>index/u1313g.xml</tree> </element> then add the following period 然後再下面新增這段 <element> <name>KasperskyInternetSecurrity_16_0</name> <version></version> <component>SUPD;ADBU;AH;APU;BB;BLST2;CORE;HIPS2;INFO;KAV16;KFPE;KDB;EMU;ARK;VLNS;QSCAN; KHSE;KSN;PARCTL;PAS5;SCO;SSA;SW2;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;WA;WMUF;DNT</component> <tree>index/u1313g.xml</tree> </element> save and run Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 存檔,並且運行Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0,即可支援KIS16 (KIS2016)更新
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