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  1. Inside KSC 9.x we are missing a domain under unassigned computers\domains. This domain is new but it does not show up, you cant scan for it in KSC There is a trust between A and NEW domain You CAN login to other resources and what not, terminal servers etc, you can even \\computer\c$ from A as an administrator. you CANT scan from KSC9 to this new subnet 10.10.70.x but you CAN ping. You can also use superscan and it works fine from the KSC server. Any ideas why it does not show up? screenshot attached.
  2. I did not specify and you assumed that the other SQL server does not exist already we have already built a new server for quite some time, and have migrated many applications to it. But I would think your right, a fresh install would be best.
  3. Look at me and my google skills. http://support.kaspersky.com/kes8wks/install?qid=208285012 Does not help me move the database though.
  4. Does anyone know if its possible to migrate the database from my physical SQL to my virtual SQL server? We want to phase out the physical ASAP and move to the virtual. Any documents would be great. On a side note were looking at total security 8 now, could we do an upgrade or a fresh install and then just phase out the other one? What would be your suggestions? or migrate then upgrade? We have 150 licenses.
  5. We have figured out that this is NOT a virus, its not covered under virus definitions per se. Its malware\spyware and there for is not covered by this version of kaspersky. Its also a new variant discovered on sept 28th. The eicar test passes in hidden folders.
  6. We are running Recently had a couple of outbreaks of zuse due to users clicking bad stuff. Now the Zuse in question may not be a virus, it may be considered malware, and I dont think that kaspersky covers malware in my particular version. However, Kaspersky did not catch it, nor caught it in a scan. We scanned with a Microsoft tool and it found it inside c:\users\USERNAME\Appdata\Local\xxx\xxx\xxx\3456.654 type of a structure. (by default this directory is hidden from windows) Now, how do I confirm that Kaspersky is scanning this directory and did not catch it, or Kaspersky not catching it at all? New virus defs are being done via administration kit. Nightly scans are also being done via this kit.
  7. I had 60% of my 300 clients fail last night, PHYSICAL ERROR. And no they are not sleeping, yes the admin kit is Administration Kit 8.0.2090 The funny thing, i picked my IT group and re-ran the task at 7am before they got in, and it ran fine. running admin kit on 2008 64 bit server, against full sql (shared) 2008 x64 server
  8. I have Administration Kit 8.0.2090 out of 300 boxes last night, over 60% of them failed with the same error as him. It has to be something else. Version of admin kit should not make any difference.
  9. This was not a network flood, this was the fact that every workstation was an agent! Working out the details now.
  10. Travis, This is the exact route we are about to go down, once my IT team is back in place we will start this procedure today. With over 3000 nodes and 20+ switches this is going to be an intersting excercise.
  11. Oh yes if your moving data across a small pipe its easy to over load it. But its not a flood, its just movment of data as stated..... What I see is different. And I have no idea how to track it.
  12. I cant consider what you are describing as flooding, simply because wan connections are always slow in nature. So if you have a T1 your moving kaspersky data, there happens to be xx clients attahced all wanting 5k second, 5k * 30 = 150k which is your 1.5mbit T1 So with this in mind your not flooding its more like too much data transfer that needs a bigger pipe. What I see in terms of flooding is on my LOCAL network that is full 1gbit. I will see a 10-13mbit spike on 300 ports (and I dont have 300 clients, only 50 ish) If you go back and look at some of my graphs you will see. This spike lasts anywhere from 3-15 minutes on EVERY PORT! Some of my daily services start to go offline, domain controller, email server etc, simply flooded with data. I have narrowed this down to the kaspersky admin kit task that gets from source, as soon as that is done, 12 seconds after to be exact all hell breaks loose. We have not figured out WHY yet...but im getting closer.
  13. We unchecked the check box, and pulled again. Same flood issue, but not nearly as bad, or as long... Moving on to brodcast storm testing.
  14. So every client with a network agent sees a spike in traffic up to 15 mbit, but an avrage of 10 mbit for 20 minutes. Any of my wan links at 1.5mbit get clogged for hours and hours, strictly due to bandwidth. So that check box must be what is doing it. "update network agent" which i would assume is making sure its the latest version. Going to check on this after lunch.
  15. So we have no idea what it is doing.....It pushes data to every client, but does NOT update the databases. So what is happening.... This is starting to frustrate me.
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