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  1. Hello, I have 3 listings for Kaspersky under the "System Configuration Utility" "Startup" tab (Windows ME). They are: kis C:\PROGRAM FILES\KASPERSKY LAB\KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 6.0\AVP.EXE AVP C:\PROGRAM FILES\KASPERSKY LAB\KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 6.0\AVP.EXE -r AVP C:\PROGRAM FILES\KASPERSKY LAB\KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 6.0\AVP.EXE -r Are all of these needed? Other software suggested that some of these startup items might pose a threat. True? Which can/should I uncheck? In any case, when yellow prompted for "Attention", my Kaspersky security does not seem to respond to my attempts to "Neutralize" all threats. What response should I get when I click on the "Neutralize" command? Also, when searching the "Details" option, I am directed to a window that exclaims, "Threats have been detected". In this window I see red dotted notices (14 detected, 10 untreated) stating: "BAD_STATUS(1) new threat (modification) File: " and, "BAD_STATUS(-1) new threat (modification) File: ". I cannot neutralize, or otherwise be rid of these "Threats", no matter what "Actions..." I take to "Neutralize all" of them unless I "Discard" them in which case they will "remain on my computer". Does any of this sound like familiar or normal? I won't get into the details of my security settings right now. But, I am running a P2P file sharing program (Limewire). These problems occurred after I downloaded and started running this software (Limewire). Kaspersky detected and treated some early issues. Also, my Kaspersky tray icon, "K". flashes different colors. What does this indicate? What am I experiencing in regards to my security? Thank you for your insight.
  2. I recently opened my Network Monitor option, clicked on the established connections tab, and viewed programs with established connections. I left the Kaspersky program, performed other tasks, then revisited the Kaspersky Network Monitor 'Established Connections' tab. This time nothing was displayed although I was still on the internet. Why the change? Shouldn't this part of Kaspersky's program show me what the current connections arewhenever I am on the internet? Why did it show me the established connections earlier, but not now, when I am using, or have been using the same programs? Am I experiencing a glitch, hack, error, flaw or misunderstanding. I realize this topic may seem trivial but my curiosity has been piqued, and I know this is the best place for answers. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. Thank you. I don't know how I missed that one, but the fix worked pefectly. Now I just have to read the forums to get the most out of the software. Again, thank you.
  4. I just purchased Internet Security 6. I tried to install it. I could not, until I removed the old virus software, as prompted by Kaspersky. I removed every trace I could find of my old virus protection (Mcafee). I uninstalled all components, removed all folders on the desktop and in the program folder, I removed anything Mcafee I could find in the registry. When I try to install, I am again told to remove my Macafee software. I went to mcafee website and used the virtual technician there to search for Mcafee products on my system. They found nothing mcafee in my computer. After the "Remove" prompt I click "Next" and the program begins to install. One whole line of blue bars fills in the install meter, then I am told to restart. Which I have done, about 8 times in a row, to no avail. I tried to install a newer version of Mcafee on my system 6 weeks ago. Contrary to what I was told at the computer store, the new version is not compatable with my OS (ME). I will have to eat the $100 I paid as they don't want it back. I don't want to get burned again with this software, so I need answers. I don't have the hardware or money to ugrade to Vista or, any other new Windows Wonderware. Can a solution be found? Does any one have some suggestions? Thanks
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