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  1. I also get this with KAV 2011 v11.0.1.400, every 10-30 minutes or so it will use 100% of the CPU for about 20 seconds, then drop back to around 10% as normal. I've tried all the solutions I've seen here, its not scanning anything, periodic rootkit and idle scan are disabled, setting updates to manual didn't work, etc. Whenever it does this I notice the Kaspersky system tray icon doing that small-large-small-large animation, no gear or globe or any other symbol, tooltip doesn't say anything. What is it doing when it does that animation?
  2. I wanted to note something I found on Amazon.com so that people won't enter their passwords wrong. It seems that the "change password" form's password field only accepts 20 characters, while the sign-in form accepts any number of them. If you use the password generator to make a, say, 25-character password and paste it into the change-password form, only the first 20 characters will be used, but its hard to notice that. Obviously now if you put your 25-char pass into KPM and try and use it to sign in later it will be wrong. The workaround if this happens - assuming you have access to the same form as where you put the pass in originally - is to select the password field, hold any letter/number for a while, Ctrl-A, then copy/paste into notepad, count the number of characters and then enter that number of characters from your password. I only tested this on Amazon, but theoretically it could happen on any site that limits the number of characters in the registration/change-password fields but not the sign-in field.
  3. On a related note, I wanted to ask about the deletion of backup files - does that button actually shred (overwrite) the backup before deleting or is it just a normal delete? If it is then Id suggest that it shred the file like some of these others programs do (Spybot Shredder, Eraser) because - since it looks like the master pass is saved in the file itself - if you originally had a not-so-secure password or one that was compromised somehow and you change it, all the backups apparently can still be accessed with the original one. Useful for if you forget your new pass, but you wouldn't want it on supposedly deleted files.
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