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  1. Previously we are facing the same issue. And we had raised a request to kaspersky they given some temporary solution. Download KLUPDATER open kaspersky updater then select the options as in the Attchment then run the updater file in the klupdater the downloaded updates will be on temp folder update admin kit using this updates
  2. Hi All, I raised a case to Kaspersky Technical Support. But there is no use.
  3. Issues still pending...i dont have any clue about whats happening ...here is the default log and screen shot pls see it thanks _klakupd.log
  4. thanks for u r reply. I am formatted that OS and Reinstalled admin kit then also that was giving problem. then I decided to format both SQL DATABASE server and ADMIN KIT and I did it Admin kit was updated for first time but not after restoring my Backup ... same issue continuos... then i freshly installed everything i didnt restored my back up i am manually adding groups and installing network agent on clients creating policies everything i am freshly configuring now I Dont have any options except this because my clients are not updating for past 20 days... and i dont knw how long it will works...
  5. :bravo: Hand off... thank u very much for your help it is working good..
  6. i have re installed my admin kit still it is not updating .... what to do....
  7. YUP no reply from any one... :dash1: :dash1: :dash1:
  8. Dear All I have two KAK servers that is 8.0.2134 in our environment for internet and intranet respectively In internet server there is no issue the problem is i am not able to update the INTRANET SERVER. Normaly I will take the updates from KLSHARE FOLDER of the internet server but from the past 6 days my server is giving the issue A FILE NECESSARY FOR UPDATING IS MISSING FROM THE UPDATE SOURCE.. I have updated several times using several updates folder but no improvement ... so what shall i do now.... pls help me.. thanks
  9. :bf: this is due to proactive defence check the forum Auto Patch D Issues or otherwise u can find the settings in application activity analyzer
  10. hai 2 all from the past one month this kaspersky is deleting and quarantaining the genuine applications of user, our service desk is filled with kaspersky problems now we disabled the proactive defence in our policy.....now the users are happy any how kaspersky is telling they will release update to solve this but there is no improvement.. when we expect...full fledged kaspersky..
  11. ok i got it...now what shall i do? shall do backup and then restore it again to the new server? it will work..
  12. hai waheb i tried exactly what u said the first option option the error is Invalid administration server certificate file specified but the second option works for me that too not immediately i need to ignore the same error and had to try several times after 15-min or 20 min the second option is working ... if i restart again the same two option is coming....ia had attached the imgs of the error pls revert back me.. thanks
  13. hai friend thanks for your interest i am installed on top of old version and it was working fine when i was restarting and opening admin kit, it asks connection server and certifcate too if I am Specifying the connection server as localhost:13000 And certificate Path .it is opening is there any work around for this does anyone knows.. thanks
  14. hai to all I have kav 8.0.2090 installed on my network and recently upgraded to 8.0.2134. i have upgraded this on top of the old version the installation is successfully completed but now when i am opening kav admin kit it was showing that administrator server connection failed and or connection to the administration server failed , like that it is coming when i am keep on trying it is showing that the certificate was not valid and asking the certificate path i selected the certifiacte and given then it is working fine Again whenever Im Restarting I am Getting the Same Issue as i mentioned EARLIER ... Pls Get back to me What is the Problem Thanks in Advance
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