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  1. so forum.kaspersky.com is the old and community.kaspersky is the new? (I still don't see any link?). they don't look much different; but I guess it is a different address. thanks
  2. and yes, a lot of the things you brought up I addressed in my post already: hardwire connection; fine; correct date/time; no gaming; not expiring, etc.
  3. thanks! but the link above at the beginning of your post is to the same forum as this one, isn't it? where 's the new forum?
  4. Hi, I can't find anyplace in the forum of where/how to post a new thread!?? so I picked here. I have Kaspersky Total Security and for the past week or so it’s not automatically updating. The only thing that works is if I restart my computer and then manually update it. I have a desktop; windows 10 pro; newer; all updated; hard wire connection Self defense is unchecked Gaming profile disabled License not expiring soon I enabled log non critical events and am attaching the GetSystem info report I read about some “klava” thing? Is it this? or is this something else? How do I fix this? Thanks! : ) oh, it only allows 4 mb; so I don't know how to attach it's 4.2 mb
  5. I meant: why did I need to add pop.rcn.com as an exclusion now that I have kasp. TS version 19 but I didn't need to do that on version 18? And although I'm receiving emails now; outlook 2016 is still 'hanging up'; I'm getting a message 'not responding' at various times. One of the things I read was that this could be caused by addins. I only have this for addins now (see screenshot below; I deleted the others). But it's still happening. I'm still getting the message too often. (I don't really understand what the microsoft exchange addin is or if I need it so I didn't want to delete it). I don't know if kasp. is necessary here; but I assume it is? and I assume I shouldn't make that inactive? thanks!
  6. I added the incoming: pop.rcn.com and 'tested' it without rebooting; it seems to work so far! is there a reason I still should reboot? and why is this required now that I have version 19? thanks
  7. I can't receive emails anymore now that I've updated from Kasperksy total security from version 18 to 19. When I pause security I can receive them. please help; thanks; apparently it's a known issue, others have had it; but an answer wasn't posted. thanks
  8. Hi, I am using a desktop, Windows 7, 64 bit; always updated, scanned, no issues. I have Kaspersky Total Security Several times a month, for a long time, (finally addressing this), I just can't access certain sites with Chrome. Then I try Firefox, sometimes I can, then IE, and usually as a last resort I can access something with that. But I'd prefer to access the site with Chrome or Firefox. I have the Anti-Banner turned off in KTS. I thought that would help. And I thought there was a way to allow certain sites even if that's off? I'm not super proficient; so if you suggest something, I'll need full instructions! thanks If it takes me a long time to post back, it's not because I don't appreciate any help, but because so many other things are taking a front seat over this....eventually I'll get back....thanks....or I haven't figured out a way to get back here and see an answer... :dash1:
  9. Hi, ok- keep us posted for next Friday! thanks. almost "pub" time here in the U.S.! cheers
  10. Hi, we'll on be on pins and needles waiting for this mystery to be solved :to_keep_order: antikythera: in your link above (after you click on it and go to the text) from October 20, you said : "Please fix this via patch, in the next CF or the 2012 product. Thanks." do you work for KIS? it sounded like you were telling them to fix it? just curious. thanks
  11. Hi, thanks so much for the explanations! I've finally had a chance to go through all you've said below while having KIS open. I found the detailed reports; but I think they were generated from manual scans...i'm not sure how to tell otherwise. hopefully after 7 days (which isn't up yet) i'll be able to tell if KIS is scanning automatically as it should at 3 a.m. and/or KIS will fix this. antikythera: your 7 days is up tomorrow at 5 pm I think? let us know the result! thanks
  12. Hi, thanks...well at least it's not me! you said "check the detailed reports"; I can't find where those would be for this? but I'd love to see them. you also said "changing it to every week and picking a day to fix it down" might help..... I'm not sure what you mean? you also said: "untick skipped tasks"; I've never had that checked! and what exactly does "postpone running after application startup for 15 min mean? I never understood what that mean in the "full scan" box. thanks!
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