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  1. When I open MBAM that I run in my computers I can see only That foto that I send you. I am sure that my MBAM is different than yrs. Sorry but I cannot help.
  2. I can tell you only that my Malwarebytes is the free one plus I never exit from Malwarebytes so I think that I cannot help you because I use MBAM in a different way as you do.
  3. I really donnot know what U mast do now. BUT I know -as I told you before everything works as a charm in my 3 computers. 1+2 Desktops are running windows 10 x64 perfectly plus a LAPTOP which is running windows 10 x64,plus Malwarebytes x64. All those machins are working as a charm. Please donnot ask me why because I really donnot know. The fact is that everything is working perfectly. BEST Regards .
  4. Hello after a very long time. Now regarding KIS and Malwarebytes (free) I can say that in 3 computers running windows 10 Pro x64 everything works fine when both are running togther.( The computers are 1 laptop plus 2 desktops) P.S.Malwarebytes free version 3.4.4 plus last KIS mentioned before everything works fine. Best regards ibok
  5. Thanks for the info. As soon as Kaspersky will fix that problem then I will install version 2017 Regards
  6. Hello, I install the new KIS But that version has a serious BUG. Please inform. I am sending 2 attachments. P.S. Sory but I cannot upload the second attachment. But is the same . ibok I have to remove that version waiting the moment that KASPERSKY will fix that serious?? Bug.
  7. After a very long time I decide to come back and wright some words. 1. When Kaspersky Internet Security works fine I never touch it removing this and installing another KIS.I want to say that I run KIS (f) which works fine without reboots as I learn from others with version .445. So please inform me what I have to gain installing version .445??
  8. From yesterday in all my 3 computers (the two run 10x64Pro and the 3rd runs 7x64 ultimate) after an update and a reboot I see instead of KIS (a) changed to KIS b What the b fixes??
  9. Hello Rylant, I believe that Google Crome is the problem because even in my pc had the same crash when scanning Chrome. Have in mind that I had to reformat my PC for 3 times and all those times Kaspersky crashed. I was very tired to do the same with you.( note that all the times Chrome was "UPDATED". Finally as I wrote before now I can do a full scan but if I will have the same problems I will remove Google Chrome. I wish you all the best. ibok.
  10. Hi regarding my problem I received a reply from Kaspersky Lab support.I made all the changes and since now the problem disappeard. Here are the instructions send to me from Kaspersky. Please complete the following steps to allow a complete scan: Try these changes and see if yr problem persist. Regards P.S. The past 48 hours a made more than 10 full scan and all finished as they should.
  11. Thanks richbuff I will try and maybe I will come back( hope not for this problem).
  12. What about my problem?? Any idea? Αny moderator that can be has an idea about my problem?? Thanks in advance one more time.
  13. I had the same problem. My computer is brand new with windows 10x64 which I install in a clean install.I cannot do a full scan because stops othertimes in 10% or 50% or even in 99%. Here is my gsi report. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...77b989af7e89dc8 I cannot have a screenshot because it is impossible to take a snapshot.It happens very quickly. Regards P.S. I forgot to inform that I bought a dvd with windows 10x64
  14. http://support.kaspersky.com/11173 From here you can download version c
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