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  1. Also tried this: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208280868
  2. Hi everyone. New to the forum and to Kaspersky I guess! wondering weather anyone can help out with a problem I am having. I’ve got a new workstation WDS WIM sysprep'd image with Kaspersky installed using the following article for consideration with cloned images: http://support.kaspersky.com/ak8/clients_i...l?qid=208280768 The problem I am having is that when I push the image out to a client, I log into windows (XP Pro w/SP3 - all latest updates) and change the Kaspersky Network Agent service to Auto - Then run KLMover.exe -dupfix and then reboot the computer. After this I get the following in the event viewer: DoPingServer__GetKeysHashes failed: #1181 (-2146893802) System error 0x80090016 (Keyset does not exist) It happens around about every 30 mins which is what i have the admin Kit console set for the network agent policy to communicate with the admin console: Compress Netowrk Traffic: Tick Open Network Agent ports.......: Tick Use SSL Connection: Tick Use UDP Port: Tick UDP Port: 15000 Some background info Kaspersky Antivirus version: 6.0 Windows Workstations MP4 ( Network Agent: 8.0.2090 Admin Kit: 8.0.2090 Kaspersky updates are running fine for the client with the errors and kaspersky works fine. It is also worth noting that this is only happening to "cloaned" computers. Testing on other non cloaned work stations does not produce the error. I’ve enabled the Network Access Protection service in Windows (read this could be something to do with the problem) and ran klnagchk with successful results. Does anyone have any idea why this could be happening? Thanks
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