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  1. Thanks Ivan, I have placed the server on the same network as KSC eliminating any filtering. There are no local firewalls either. Only filtering is on KSC which is running with Kaspersky Security 10.1 for Windows Servers. Any other ideas?
  2. I've installed the klnagent on a fresh Ubuntu 18.04 and am having problems with the connection to SC10. Klnagchk tells me this: If I telnet manually from the Ubuntu server to SC10 on port 14000, I get through just fine: Any idea what could be wrong? SC10 is working just fine with many agents connected. This is the first Linux agent I am trying to connect though. Thanks.
  3. Wait! Now it works. After upgrading to it shows new blocked email. Not the ones from the past, but at least I have it showing blocked mails from now on. Thanks a lot for your help, Ivan, I wouldn't have upgraded if you hadn't suggested it!
  4. Isn't it supposed to show the same blocked mails as in the main "Backup" section, except only the ones to the specific user? I thought the purpose was that they could see which emails that has been blocked so they can release any false positives? If not, what is the Personal Backup used for? I just upgraded to, but still not showing anything in the Personal Backup
  5. Thanks Ivan, I applied the patch: Upgrade for patch 'pf-' succeeded But I still can't see the blocked emails when logging is as an individual user.
  6. Hi, I've integrated my KSMG into Active Directory in order to use the Personal Backup feature. That part is working as the individual users can now log into KSMG. No matter which user logs in, they don't see their blocked emails, the search just shows no results (No matches found. Please refine your search). When I log in as Administrator, I can see plenty of blocked emails to those individual users. They can see and modify their black/whitelists just fine, so it seems that it is just a problem with showing the individually blocked emails. Is there a setting somewhere that I may have overlooked? I am using the latest version. Thank you.
  7. Agree! I observed that it does not matter which agent you choose (v8 or v9). I made an upgrade from Admin Kit 8 to KSC9, and in the process I have not upgraded all agents to v9 yet (about half are done). And in fact both the v8 and v9 agents act the same way regarding CPU... The VERY funny part is that it is extremely mixed. Servers and workstations within the same group running the same Agent version are acting differently. Some have high CPU, others have normal CPU usage. Same picture with OS - some workstations are affected, some are not. It is extremely frustrating and very difficult to troubleshoot. Looking forward to hearing when you get a reply from KL.
  8. I got the same problem, and would also like to know how to debug this...
  9. Solved it myself... Had to do things in the right order it seems. So apparently the procedure to get the Windows Action Center happy again is to: 1. Uninstall KES8. 2. Delete the contents of "C:\Windows\System32\wbem\repository". 3. Restart the computer. 4. Install KES8. 5. Update KES8 definitions.
  10. After installing KES8 for Windows on my Windows 7 Ultimate (English) 64-bit computer, the Action Center in Windows says: - Find an antivirus program online (important) - Turn on Windows Firewall (important) Both the Antivirus and Firewall is enabled in KES8 (v8.1.0.646), but for some reason Windows does not recognize these. I have tried reinstalling, as well as deleting the contents of "C:\Windows\System32\wbem\repository" and restarting twice - but still Windows does not appear to recognize KES8. I did a search on the forum but cannot seem to find anything about this regarding KES8. Anyone seen and solved this before?
  11. This has suddenly started working for me. Does this work again for everyone?
  12. I just found out that the new Kaspersky for Windows Server Enterprise Edition v8.0.0.559 seems to break certain .dll registrations when installed on Windows Server 2008 (R2) Enterprise Edition. The services.msc view looks broken exactly like the Admin Kit Computers view after installing the new KAV. It is easily solved by manually running "regsvr32 jscript.dll" from a command prompt though. But it seems to be a bug, which is so far confirmed on 3 servers in one of my customers environment. But since the KAV Admin server was one of them, I am stilling missing a solution to the Admin Kit view as mentioned in the first post.
  13. The "Client Computers" view in Admin Kit is suddenly no longer working. The view now looks like in the attached image. Can anybody help? I assume some .dll needs to be re-registered, but I don't know which one... Thanks
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