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  1. Q: Im trying to determine WHAT might be making my Downloading become SO slow! Im paying for a FAST internet Connection, I believe its a 60M Down and a 1.5up speed. However Im getting crazy times ranging anywhere from 57kb (MODEM SPEED!) to 175kb at times. Have I done something to Kaspersky to make it choke down my internet speed THAT hard? Please advise. Or Better yet, if anyone knows of any software that will help me determine what / where my problem may be, Id be happy to get it! I Ran SpinRite on HD, replaced a cable; then tested RAM and found a questionable area, so I replaced one stick of RAM Not sure what else I can do(?) Thanks! PS, When I Disable Kaspersky, My Internet speed goes up, but not to what it used to be prior to the install!
  2. Hello Gang! Ive been involved in security all my life, (not computer security), so a question is on my mind. One way to secure something is to not let anyone know WHERE it is... thereby, that in itself is a form of security, however, with these files, isn't it just blatantly obvious WHERE the file is with all the "goodies" in it so someone can just go hammer the crap out of it till its opened? Thus my question is ... How Secure really IS KPM when its all done and over? Just thought Id ask the folks who might know more than the man on the street - and tell me what I WANT to hear, rather than a sales pitch! - Thanks!
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